Instant Pot Duo Nova 100

Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 Rice Cooker Review


When it comes to high-quality cooking appliances, Instant Pot is a brand that doesn’t go unnoticed. They have a ton of models like the Instant Pot Viva, Duo Plus, Max, and Pot Lux Mini, that completely rewrite the rice cooking experience for their users, and are the most trusted household brand in the market.

Instant Pot rice cookers, like the Instant Pot Duo Nova, have a ton of innovative features to boot. The brand’s rice cookers are made with meal versatility, easy operations, and cutting-edge functionality in mind. 

If you’ve encountered the great products that Instant has to offer, you’ve probably considered the Instant Pot Lux Mini. It’s an ideal appliance for those who want a petite appliance in their kitchen, perfect for single-family households. But if you want a bigger one that allows for more servings, then you should look into the largest Instant pot, the Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 7-in-1 cooker.

About the Duo Nova 100 Rice Cooker


Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 (10 quarts)

ManufacturerInstant Pot
Model NameDuo Nova
Model Number100
Dimensions14.8L × 15.5W × 14.7H inches
42L × 39.3W × 37.5H centimeters
Weight9.5 kg / 20.9 lb
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)5 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)10 cups
Power Supply120V-60Hz
Product Accessories2 silicone sealing ring replacements
Trivet/ steam rack
Stainless steel inner pot

This 10 qt Instant Pot model is Instant’s largest and best-selling model version to date. It can serve up to 10 cups of rice (5 cups uncooked capacity) in one serving, more than what its counterparts can offer.  

Not only that, but this is a new and improved version of all the other cookers in the Duo series. It’s 7 in 1 — a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, steamer, food warmer, and yogurt maker — you name it!

With this, you no longer need most of your individual appliances in your kitchen. All you need is the Duo Nova — a perfect fit for your kitchen counter and cooking needs while saving you less time, reducing clutter, and making your cooking experience more pleasant, enjoyable, and even easier. Imagine all the possibilities — you can prepare rice meals, make chili and poultry, pressure cook, and even make yoghurt, soup, meat stew, and other side dishes and meals for your family!

Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 Benefits


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This 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker can do everything that 7 different appliances can do. How convenient is that to have one tool in your kitchen capable of a bunch of different functions? 

This appliance just made preparing meals all the more convenient, allowing you to yield up to 10 cups of rice in a single cycle. Plus, this product cooks food 70% faster than other models and methods. 

But that’s not all it can offer. Let’s dive deeper into its cooking programs and features. 

13 Smart Programs

13 smart programs are what this item has to boot. And the best part is that all of these can be accessed with one touch of a button in the English digital LCD display with a progress indicator. 

The smart programs include:

  1. Soup/ Broth
  2. Meat/ Stew
  3. Bean/ Chili
  4. Poultry
  5. Slow Cook
  6. Sauté pan
  7. Rice
  8. Multigrain
  9. Porridge
  10. Steam
  11. Yogurt Maker
  12. Pressure Cook

And just when you begin to think that that’s all, there’s more! This Instant Pot model also has:

  • Pressure level. This enables you to customize your pressure cooker settings, depending on the type of meal you’re cooking
  • Keep Warm. The keep-warm setting keeps your rice warm even hours after the cooking cycle has ended. It turns on automatically after the rice cooks, but you can also set an extended keep-warm duration if you want your meal to stay in optimal serving temperature for longer. 
  • Delay Start. With this Instant Pot model, you can input your settings in advance so your cooker/ pressure cooker counts down to prepare your rice at a later time. This smart program enables you to set the timer in the morning before leaving for work and you will come home at night with a freshly-cooked meal that’s ready to eat. 
  • Cancel. To stop the cooking setting you previously selected. This gives you more control over the texture, doneness, and taste of your rice.

This model also has a stainless steel steam rack that goes above the stainless steel inner pot. This allows you to cook your tender meats, veggies, fish, and other food variations on the steam rack while your rice is cooking above.

This variety of smart programs is still available regardless if you choose the 10-quart, 6-quart, or 3-quart capacity sizes. 

Smart Steam Release and Easy Seal Lid

This premium product is equipped with a smart lid, also known as the EasySeal lid. This air fryer lid/ easy seal lid automatically seals the appliance and locks the steam in for perfect pressure cooking results. To release the steam, all you need to do is push the quick-release button. The item also comes with a bonus sealing ring for replacement purposes, along with other accessories.

This function is what makes it a good pressure cooker that can cook any meal you prefer.

10+ Safety Features

This model guarantees worry-free cooking. That means you don’t have to look over your shoulder while preparing your meals. Thanks to 10+ safety features, you can simply pop your ingredients in the inner pot, select your preferred function, and sit back and relax as your rice is being prepared. 

The safety features include:

  1. Steam Release Valve – automatically seals the lid and releases excess pressure to maintain the safety of the cooking cycle.
  2. Anti-Block Shield –prevents clogs and mess by blocking food particles from entering the steam release pipe.
  3. Safety Lid Lock – prevents the appliance from opening once the pressure cooking process begins.
  4. Lid Position Detection – ensures that the lid is in optimal position before cooking. The device will not start unless the lid is in its proper place to ensure safety.
  5. Automatic Temperature Control – monitors and adjusts the heat accordingly to yield perfectly-cooked rice.
  6. Overheat Protection – lowers the heat output to prevent burning the rice or food inside the inner pot.
  7. Automatic Pressure Control – keeps pressure limits intact. 
  8. Electrical Fuse – automatically cuts off power to prevent overloading the electric current
  9. Thermal Fuse – automatically cuts off power in case the appliance overheats 
  10. Leaky Lid Detection – the cooker will not function if there is steam leakage, preventing you from burning the food. 

With these remarkable safety measures in place across all sizes (3 quarts, 6 quarts, 8 quarts, and 10 quarts), you don’t have to worry at all about your rice or pressure cooker and get to enjoy the “set it and forget it” perk that Instant Pot is known for. And all this comes with minimal mess and easy cleanup in the kitchen. 

Stainless Steel Build

The pressure cooker is made high quality food-grade stainless steel 304. This outstanding build makes it solid, durable, and even dishwasher-safe. No chemical coating was used to create this cooker, guaranteeing clean and healthy meals for you and your family. This also holds true for the 6-quart size and 3-quart size capacities.

Clear, Simple Controls

When you heard that this model was 7 electronics in one, you probably started to worry that there might be too many buttons to navigate. But there’s really no need to fret, as all 13 programs can be accessed with one touch of a single button. These can be customized as well to allow the cooker to remember how you cook, eliminating the hassle of having to edit your settings in every cooking cycle. 

The elegant, blue LCD digital display has a progress indicator that tells you the status of the cooking process, keeping you aware of what’s happening inside. Unlike in other cooker models, the digital display is fool-proof and easy to read. 

7 Appliances in 1 Instant Pot

This is perhaps the main selling point of this Instant Pot cooker model. It’s 7 different appliances in one, giving you more versatility in terms of your cooking process and your meals. Reduce the clutter in your kitchen with this Instant Pot and exceed the limitations when it comes to cooking rice! 

The following are the functions of this Instant Pot cooker: 

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Steamer
  • Saute Pan
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Warmer

Faster Cooking

The quality technology of this cooker enables you to cook your meals easily and quickly. It can prepare rice, risotto, or any other types of food 70% faster than other methods, which means that you can prepare an entire meal in a few minutes while being able to serve 10 cups of rice — that’s more than enough for your entire family, plus a few other guests!

You also have the option to choose other variations that have differing capacities, such as the 6-quart size and 3-quart size. The 6-quart size variation can cook up to 6 cups of rice, while the 3-quart can cook 3 cups. But even despite this smaller capacity, you can still enjoy the slow cook and pressure cook functions Instant is known for.

Free Instant Pot Recipes App

The appliance comes with a free Instant Pot app where you can access 1000+ recipes you can try with your Duo Nova. Millions of Instant Pot users are widening their expertise and growing their culinary adventures with the Instant Pot Recipes App available on IOS and Android devices. 

With this recipes app, you can explore more dishes to slow cook or pressure cook for you and your family. Boost your kitchen skills and become a home chef! Learn how to cook delicious meat stew, eggs, rice, soup, yogurt, and more!

Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot Duo Nova 100

✔️ Comes with a steam rack to help cook complete meals
✔️ 7 appliances in one
✔️ Cooks food 70% faster than other models
✔️ Fool-proof controls
✖️ May be difficult to navigate without studying the user manual
✖️ May not be best for beginners and busy individuals

What People Are Saying About It

This Instant Pot model is a consumer favorite, making it a best-selling item from the brand. As with other models from Instant Pot, users have definitely expressed trust in the quality and convenience offered by the Duo Nova 100, especially considering that no user ever made a review about birth defects from the item.

“This Instant Pot Duo Nova offers fast and slow cooking and everything in between.”

Emily Peck

Where to Buy the Instant Pot Duo Nova 100


Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 Check Price on Amazon

Hailed as America’s number one multicooker, The Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 definitely lives up to its reputation, judging by its high ranking on Amazon product categories. It holds the #1 place in the Electric Pressure Cookers category and is also #4 in Kitchen and Dining. 

Check the best prices today and make the switch to a stress-free, hassle-free, and fun cooking experience!

Check out our complete review on the Best Instant Pot Rice Cookers, which features other models like the Duo Plus, Max, and more.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 100

Instant Pot Duo Nova 100

For huge gatherings or a large household, the Instant Pot Duo Nova 100 is a perfect cooking assistant. As this Instant Pot can cook up to 10 cups of rice at once, your visitors won’t have to wait around for their freshly cooked food. The flexible cooking presets used by the Instant Pot models are also available on the Duo Nova 100.