Here at We Know Rice, we aim to give you honest and valuable reviews on rice cookers so that you can make an informed decision on the kitchen companion you purchase. 


There are many rice cookers in the market, but not all of them have the quality that’s worth your money. 

Why Rice Cookers?

Rice is a staple food in many countries. Some people can’t even have a complete meal without it! In fact, half of the world’s population incorporates rice in their daily meals.


We know the importance of having quality rice served at the dining table. But many don’t have the luxury of time to cook their own rice the traditional way — that is by boiling the grains on a hot pot. Rice cookers help save so much time and energy, but not all types are worth the investment. 


That is why we want to help you make the best rice cooker choice to get the value of your money and complete your home-made meals.

The Authors of We Know Rice

Ji-hyun Author Profile Photo

Ji-hyun is a Korean American from San Diego, California, USA. She graduated with a degree from UCLA, and is passionate about food, cooking, and baking. 


This passion, coupled with the desire to provide healthy meals for her two boys inspired her to come up with We Know Rice. Her sons eat copious amounts of rice on a daily basis, and Ji-hyun wants every family to have a quality rice cooker helping to prepare their family meals.


Her goal is to provide valuable and honest information on the latest rice cookers in the market to help students and moms make the best investment in a home rice cooker.

HuiYin Author Profile

Hui Yin is a passionate writer who moved from Hong Kong to the USA when she was only 8 years old. 


She absolutely loves eating rice, incorporating it into her daily meals. As a huge fan of rice herself, Hui Yin channels her passion for writing to contribute to We Know Rice.


Along with Ji-hyun, her writing is geared towards informing people about the features and functions of rice cookers in the market, helping each individual make the best decisions in purchasing a rice cooker for their homes.

Chrizelle is a writer who is most passionate about food blogging. She loves teasing her palate with new flavors just as much as she enjoys sharing new dishes and cooking hacks with her readers.


Growing up in an Asian family, rice has always been a part of her diet. In her spare time, she makes rice-based meals for her household and shares the recipe on WeKnowRice for readers to try.