Last Updated: October 23, 2023


We Know Rice (“we,” “our,” or “us”) is unwavering in our commitment to ensuring that modern slavery and human trafficking have no place in our business and supply chains. With a strong foundation of ethical standards and a dedication to human rights, this statement elaborates on our efforts and strategies to counter modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and among our suppliers.

Company Information

Company Name: We Know Rice



Our Policies and Practices

Supplier Due Diligence

In line with our dedication to uphold human rights, we undergo rigorous due diligence before partnering with any supplier. This scrutiny encompasses their commitment against modern slavery and human trafficking, besides ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and ethical standards.

Supplier Contracts

Our agreements with suppliers emphasize the necessity to respect laws and regulations, particularly those countering modern slavery and human trafficking. Any breach could potentially result in the termination of the partnership.

Employee Awareness and Training

Our team receives training designed to enhance their understanding and awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking. This encompasses education on recognizing signs of exploitation, their duty to report, and the essence of ethical business conduct.

Whistleblowing Policy

Our confidential and anonymous whistleblowing framework empowers employees and suppliers alike to voice concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking. We pledge to thoroughly investigate these claims, ensuring necessary actions follow validated issues.

Internal Controls

Regularly, we revisit and refine our internal controls, policies, and procedures, ensuring their efficacy in preempting modern slavery and human trafficking risks in our operations and supply chains.

Supply Chain Verification

Aware of the paramount importance of supply chain integrity, our measures include:

  • Assessing suppliers based on several factors such as industry, geographic location, etc., to ascertain potential risks of unethical practices.
  • Engaging proactively with suppliers to remedy any identified issues and ensure alignment with our policies.
  • Seeking partnerships with suppliers who, like us, are committed to ethical and sustainable operations.

Future Commitments

We Know Rice will remain at the forefront of efforts against modern slavery and human trafficking. Our roadmap includes:

  • Augmenting our supply chain scrutiny to bolster risk identification and mitigation.
  • Partnering with industry peers and bodies to propagate best practices and jointly combat modern slavery.
  • Keeping this Modern Slavery Statement updated to mirror our enduring dedication and advances.

Our Stance

We Know Rice stands firmly against modern slavery and human trafficking in every sphere of our operations. Our proactive initiatives reflect our resolve to ensure ethical practices and safeguard human rights in our business and supply chains.

Contact Information

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