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Our Ultimate Rice Cooker Guides

The Top 11 Best Rice Cookers for 2024

If you’re looking to invest in a good rice cooker, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re giving you the BEST rice cookers of 2024. We discuss the features, functions, pros, and cons of each cooker to help you make an informed decision on your investment.

The Best Rice Washers for 2024

For better-tasting and higher quality of rice, you need to undertake the preparatory step of cleaning the rice grains before popping them in your rice cooker. But this process can get tedious and time-consuming. That’s why you need the help of a handy rice washer. Here are the best rice washers to have in your kitchen.

The Best Small Rice Cookers for 2024

Most people just want a simple appliance that can help them cook rice easily and quickly. For those types of people, a small rice cooker is the ideal kitchen companion. We lined up the best small rice cookers in the market in 2024.

The Best Cheap Rice Cookers for 2024

Rice Cookers are seen as a luxury that only the rich can afford. But there are cheap yet highly functional rice cookers in the market that are easy on the pocket and suitable for those looking to make their first investment.

Best Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Zojirushi is well-known as a manufacturer of high-tech and innovative rice cookers. Explore their best models and find the rice cooker you should invest in.

The Best Aroma Rice Cookers

Aroma Housewares, hailed as America’s #1 rice cooker brand, has an appliance to suit all types of people — whether you’re a kitchen pro or a beginner. Here are the best Aroma rice cookers to buy.

The Best Black + Decker Rice Cookers

Black + Decker is one of the most popular rice cooker brands in the market. This is owing to their dedication to making the cooking experience easy and stress-free. Here are the best Black + Decker rice cookers to choose from.

The Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker

At first glance, Cuckoo rice cookers look high-end and elegant. But a sleek exterior is not the only thing these cookers have to boot. Find out what makes Cuckoo one of the leading rice cooker brands in the market.

Best Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers

Hamilton Beach is a leading manufacturer of rice cookers, able to provide a large capacity rice cooker with tons of useful features, all enclosed in an innovative and sleek build.

Best Cuchen Rice Cookers

No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard of the leading rice cooker brand Cuchen. This innovative brand is well-known for its diverse lineup of appliances that can suit every user’s needs, deliver advanced cooking speeds, and provide portable solutions to make your time in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable.

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

Tiger rice cookers are some of the most popular kitchen appliances in the world and with reason. They’re durable, sleek, and multifunctional. Read our complete guide of Tiger rice cookers here.

Best Gourmia Rice Cookers

From manufacturing healthy kitchen appliances to creating innovative rice cooking technology, Gourmia is dedicated to ensuring a hearty lifestyle at home. Let’s take a look at their best rice cookers.

Best Instant Pot Rice Cooker

America’s leading multi-cooker manufacturer has been creating state of the art appliances that rewrite the cooking experience. From versatile cooking settings to enhanced safety functions, Instant Pot has been changing the game.

Best Oster Rice Cookers

A leading rice cooker brand both nationwide and around the globe, Oster knows that simple and durable is what stands the test of time. Learn more about the best Oster rice cooker models in the market here.

Best Panasonic Rice Cookers

If you’re looking for a rice cooker brand that offers a diverse array of appliances, look no further than Panasonic. From standard rice cookers to multi-cooking devices, there’s no shortage of variety and functions to get from a Panasonic rice cooker.

The Best Brown Rice Cookers for 2024

In this guide, we talk about the best rice cookers for making brown rice. From the pros and cons, the distinct features, and what makes each one a perfect fit for any kitchen counter. From Aroma to Cuckoo, find out about the best brown rice cookers!

The Best Korean Rice Cookers for 2024

Cuckoo, Cuchen, and Lihom are just a few of the best-selling brands in the market. What do they all have in common? Their brand was created in Korea. In this guide, we give you all the best Korean rice cookers available this year.

The Best Microwave Rice Cooker for 2024

Living in a studio apartment with little kitchen space? Perhaps you’re itching to go minimalist and switch up your rice cooking methods? Either way, a microwave rice cooker might be what you need. Get to know what makes these variants special in our full guide to the best models on the market!

The Best Sushi Cutters for 2024

Sushi chefs have the tools of the trade to make excellent sushi to serve their customers. You too can be a sushi chef in your own kitchen with the best sushi cutter. In this guide, we ranked the best sushi cutters that you can use to slice the perfectly shaped sushi of your dreams!

The Best Sushi Rollers for 2024

Sushi is such an exquisite dish that is well-known and enjoyed even outside of Japan. While sushi chefs are trained well in the art of making this dish, you too can make your own rolls at home. In this guide, we explore the best sushi rollers that you can use for your handmade rolls. Check them out!

The Best Xiaomi Mi Mijia Rice Cookers

With the advent of rice cookers, brands have raced to create the one that can cater to the modern homemaker’s needs and wants. In comes Xiaomi with their lineup of WiFi-compatible cookers, each one unique and capable in its own right. Let’s get to know them here!

The Best Commercial Rice Cookers for 2024

Having a food business means catering to numerous people. A standard rice cooker isn’t enough to serve all customers. This heavy-duty job is for commercial rice cookers – massive rice cookers that can make huge batches of rice in one go. In this guide, we ranked the best commercial rice cookers that you can use for your restaurant. Check them out!

How to Use a Zojirushi Rice Cooker

If you’re a new rice cooker owner, chances are, you’re unsure how to properly use your unit. Read this blog to know how to cook rice and other dishes in your Zojirushi rice cooker.

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets for Stovetop Rice Cooking for 2024

For an aspiring chef or a professional cook, having a high-quality cookware set can make kitchen work more enjoyable, even when you’re cooking challenging dishes such as the perfect fluffy rice. We’ve listed the best stainless steel cookware sets that help you prepare your daily dose of rice and encourage you to level up your culinary skills.

The Best Sushi Machine for 2024

Sushi machines not only produce sushi that is almost on par with those made by experienced chefs, but they also increase production. Here are the best sushi machines for the year.

The Best Asian Rice Cooker Brands for 2024

Asia has a long history of farming and consuming rice, so it’s no surprise that rice cookers were invented. In this guide, we’ll list the best Asian rice cooker brands that produce the best rice cookers in the market.

The Best Ceramic Rice Cooker for 2024

Ceramic is a safer and more environmentally-friendly alternative to Teflon-lined rice cookers. This guide will give you insights so you can know which ceramic cooker will best fit your lifestyle.

The Best Rice Dispenser for 2024

Rice dispensers might seem like that one kitchen item you don’t need, but for a household that consumes rice on a daily basis, this gadget can be both a time and space saver. Read more here to see the top rice dispensers.

The Best Japanese Rice Cooker for 2024

Looking for the perfect Japanese rice cooker for your needs? Check out this guide for some of the best Japanese rice cookers on the market today.

The Best Talking Rice Cooker for 2024

Looking for rice cookers with voice navigation? Check out this guide for some of the best talking rice cookers on the market today.

The Best Stainless Steel Rice Cookers for 2024

This guide will share the best stainless steel rice cookers for making rice and other meals. From its unique features and functions, its pros and cons, and what makes each one the ideal choice for any kitchen needs. Discover the best stainless steel rice cookers starting from Aroma to Elite!

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