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Cuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000 Review


While rice cookers are versatile enough to cook a few dishes aside from plain rice, you can’t help but want one that lets you do more. This can be especially true when holidays are coming and you simply want to enjoy your time with the family instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking.

Need a rice cooker that lets you prepare a variety of other meals? The Cuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000 might be the unit for you! Built with plenty of pre-programmed settings and features, this unit can help make kitchen work less of a chore. Read below for more details.


productCuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000

Model Name10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker
Model Number


Dimensions14.6 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches
Weight13.27 pounds
Capacity 10 cups
Accessories Rice Paddle
Rice Measuring Cup
Steam Tray

The FRC-1000 has a streamlined design and a clean look that can add a touch of modern sophistication to your countertops. Its design pairs well with a rice dispenser and other kitchen appliances. Its large 10-cup capacity makes it suitable for medium to large households This unit is also ideal for busy individuals who like to have guests over and loves to experiment with rice cooker recipes.


productCuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000

The large capacity and modern look of the Cuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000 adds to its charm, but its most valuable features are in its build. This unit is the perfect kitchen companion, owing to its:

User-Friendly Interface

Unlike most rice cookers within the same price range, the FRC-1000 comes with a selector knob that lets you scroll through the menu options displayed on the LCD screen. If you’ve always wanted a high-end cooker but are dissuaded by the many buttons decorating it, then you’ll most likely love this feature.

The unit also comes with an integrated reference guide located at the back and an instruction/recipe booklet that teaches you all you need to know about this model. This helps avoid confusion in terms of usage and helps prevent mistakes that can potentially harm you or the cooker.

18 Menu Functions

The FRC-1000 comes with 18 pre-programmed settings that you can use to cook any recipe you like. The variety of functions not only makes cooking easier, but they are also set to cook specific grains perfectly. This means you’ll have excellently cooked meals every time. These functions include:

  • White
  • Quick white
  • Brown
  • Quick brown
  • Wild
  • Hard
  • Sushi
  • Risotto grains such as millet and quinoa
  • Chewy grains like wheat berries, bulgur, and oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • One-pot meals
  • Beans
  • Sauté
  • Steam
  • Pre-wash
  • Soak
  • Keep warm

Easy To Clean Parts

Aside from its detachable inner lid that you can clean after every use, the unit also comes with a steam release vent that prevents excess water from bubbling over and causing a mess. The aluminum inner pot is nonstick, preventing the rice from sticking to the bottom and thus making it easier to wash.


While this unit is made to cook rice of any variety (brown, white, sushi, and more), the FRC-1000 has plenty of functions that allow you to prepare other dishes. The large capacity provides more space for your culinary experiments. Meals you can cook in this unit include:

Aside from main courses, you can also experiment with desserts such as puddings and cakes.

Pros and Cons

✔️ 18 pre-programmed functions
✔️ Selector knob
✔️ Large capacity
✖️ Bulky
✖️ Not ideal for small households

What People Are Saying About It

The FRC-1000 is both easy to use and clean. The variety of functions provides creative freedom in terms of cooking, and its large capacity lets users prepare meals for family and guests alike. With its integrated guide and large LCD screen, the unit is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance that leaves users with excellently cooked food.

“Excellent machine but it is big… Even still I make 1-2 cups of rice in it easily and flawlessly.”

Kamamu Abubakari
Rice Cooker Advice

Where to Buy

productCuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000

Ready to make the Cuisinart 10-Cup Rice and Grain Multicooker FRC-1000 part of your kitchen arsenal? Head out to  Amazon for the best deals and prices!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Read through our rice cooker guides and reviews for more insights.

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The FRC-1000 is the ideal rice cooker for large households with a home cook that likes to experiment in the kitchen. While slightly expensive, the unit is well worth it in terms of its quality and multifunctionality.

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