Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker Review


Instant Pot is a household name now and with good reason. Their products have been developed with the user’s preferences and tastes in mind, making them smart appliances that know exactly what you need. The Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker comes with a host of settings that make cooking more intuitive, so you’ll be spending less time worrying about making the perfect rice, risotto, or other dishes.

About the Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

productAbout the Instant Pot® Max Rice Cooker

ManufacturerInstant Pot
Model NameMax
Model NumberMax 60
Product Dimensions12.2 x 12.6 x 13 inches
Weight15.7 pounds
Capacity6 Quarts
Product AccessoriesFree Recipe App with over 1000+ recipes & more

The Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker is home to some of the world’s finest cooking settings and rice cooker materials. With its stainless steel body and interior cooker, protective and safety features, and altitude adjustment, you’ll be able to eliminate all the guesswork from cooking and make perfect meals each time.

Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker Benefits

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Still not sold on the Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker? Let’s take a closer look at its benefits.

Easy, Intuitive Cooking

As mentioned above, this rice cooker prioritizes the user’s needs. It comes with a sustained 15psi that lets you do home pressure canning. Worried about preparing meals too slowly on a hectic day? No problem! This rice cooker also vastly eliminates cooking time so you’ll get your meals faster.

This appliance also eliminates all the guesswork from cooking with its large digital display. It’s also a touch screen, so you can set delay timers and cooking settings with ease.

Beauty and Sustainability Combined

Some may find it hard to believe, but a good appliance doesn’t have to sacrifice sustainability to look modern and sleek. The Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker packs a visually appealing punch with its new-brushed stainless steel body. The interior cooker and inner pot are made of stainless steel, too. As for eco-friendliness, the Instant Pot Max‘s packaging from the box down to its paper inserts was produced from 100% recycled materials. 

Cooking Technology Done Right

This instant pot isn’t just quick-cooking, it’s incredibly nutritious, too. Gone are the days when instant was synonymous with unhealthy because, with this rice cooker, you get the best of both worlds. The Nutriboost technology found in this pressure cooker lets you break down the food and get the most out of its nutrients while it’s boiling or being cooked.

Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

✔️ Fast cooking speeds
✔️ Multiple settings including sous vide and pressure cooking
✔️ Comes with 13 safety features
✖️ It's expensive
✖️ Cook settings might not be easily understood

What People Are Saying About It

The Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker is a rice cooker that, while pricey, can deliver intuitive cooking rarely seen in the market. However, the different menu settings can be difficult to navigate. Should you want an easier-to-use and fool-proof Instant rice cooker, take a look at our review for the Instant Pot Duo Nova.

“If you are currently planning to give your kitchen a whole new look and appearance, the Instant Pot Max might just help you.”

Instapot Life

Where to Buy the Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

productInstant Pot® Max Rice Cooker

The Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker is currently available on Amazon. Ready to make the purchase? Go ahead and check the best prices on Amazon today.

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Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker

You won’t have to worry as much about preparing the ideal rice and other foods because the Instant Pot Max Rice Cooker has a variety of settings that make cooking easier. With its sizable digital display and touch panel for easily setting delay timers and cooking parameters, this appliance gets rid of all the guesswork associated with cooking. Although costly, this Instant Pot provides intuitive cooking and environment-friendly packaging that is uncommon in the market.