Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 Review


Sometimes we just want a simple, no-frills kitchen appliance that is easy to understand and helps us cook perfect rice easily. Luckily, Oster has a wide array of rice cookers and steamers that do just that. No matter who or where you are, you’re bound to find an Oster appliance that will suit your needs. Here, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 and find out why it’s such a hit.

About the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65


Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65

Model Name6-Cup Rice Cooker
Model NumberCKSTRCMS65
Dimensions9 x 10 x 9.3 inches
Weight3.6 lbs.
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)3 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)6 cups
Product AccessoriesMeasuring Cup
Rice Spatula

The Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 is a foolproof kitchen appliance that can deliver fluffy, well-cooked rice each time. Even better, this model is equipped with a detachable steaming basket so you’re able to pair your warm rice with a healthy viand of your choice. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have never been easier!

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 Benefits


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Not yet sure if the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker is for you? Let’s take a closer look at its benefits.

Healthy meals in an instant

This Oster model isn’t just a rice cooker, it also doubles as a steamer, so you’re getting more value for the money you spend. The detachable steam basket is equipped with different holes to let in the steam from the rice cooking underneath. 

Running late for work in the morning? Just pop in your grains and hard-boiled eggs on the steaming basket, and you’ve got yourself a quick, healthy breakfast.

Easy Cleaning

The Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker is not only durable and budget-friendly, but it’s also easy to clean! This model comes with a detachable non-stick inner pot and steam basket for quick washing. So if you’re ever feeling wiped out after a long day in the kitchen, or feel too full after dinner with your family to even stand up, this rice cooker has got you covered. It’s low maintenance and doesn’t take long to clean, so you’re not wasting time washing dishes.

One-Push Start & Automatic Keep-warm

This Oster product comes with two handy features that make cooking rice much more intuitive. Once you pop your washed grains in the pot, all you have to do is push a button and the cooking cycle immediately begins. No complicated settings, no hassle. Just easy rice cooking and a better overall experience.

Once the cycle is done, the keep-warm function automatically begins so you won’t have to worry about your fluffy rice going cold! You can go ahead and run a few more errands or clean up around the house before eating because you’ll always come back to warm, freshly-cooked rice.

Pros and Cons of the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65

✔️ Budget-friendly
✔️ Automatic keep-warm function
✔️ Doubles as a steamer
✖️ Only has basic cooking functions
✖️ Requires more manual work than other advanced rice cookers
✖️ Rice can sometimes get burnt at the bottom

What People Are Saying About It

The Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 is a rice cooker is a budget-friendly appliance that has all your basic needs. It also doubles as a steamer to make cooking meals easier than ever.

“For a basic rice cooker that won’t cost the earth, the Oster 6-Cup CKSTRCMS65 Rice Cooker is ideal.”


Where to Buy the Oster 6-Cup CKSTRCMS65


The Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65 is currently available on Amazon. Ready to make the purchase? Go ahead and check the best prices on Amazon today.

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Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65

One device that can consistently provide fluffy, perfectly cooked rice is the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker CKSTRCMS65. It comes with a removable steaming basket that enables you to create warm rice plus a healthy entree of your choice, maximizing the use of your money. You don’t even have to waste time washing dishes because it requires little upkeep and is quick to clean. This Oster simply has all your basic needs covered.