Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305 Review


If you’re having a terrible time in the kitchen trying to make meals from scratch, maybe it’s not you: it’s your rice cooker. Why not switch to a high-quality, compact device like the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305?

Cuchen’s solution to the pressing problem of cooking just enough for 2 or 3, this model comes in a portable exterior that can fit into just about any kitchen nook. Let’s see what else it has in store!

About the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305


Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

Model NameMicom Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJE-AO305
Dimensions9.6 x 10 x 8 inches
Weight8.8 lbs.
Capacity 1.5 L
Product AccessoriesRemovable clean cover

Smaller houses needn’t have so many leftovers when cooking rice. Now, you can prepare just enough for you and your partner or yourself with this ultra-intelligent Cuchen model.

Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305 Benefits


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Ready to find out what benefits you gain with this rice cooker? We take a look at some of the product’s main benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Sized Just Right

It’s not just large households that have the problem of looking for the perfectly sized rice cooker. Plenty of households are puzzled over where and how to purchase a device that cooks just enough, no more, no less. If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place!

The Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305 is praised as a rice cooker fit for 3 people, so if you’re a solo dweller, by all means, make the purchase. No grain goes unwasted with this perfectly-sized and capable machine.

LED Display

Nothing’s more frustrating than a complicated appliance. But that’s one less thing you have to worry about, thankfully. This Cuchen model comes with a convenient LED display that lets you check in on your food without ever opening the lid. Plus, it allows you to clearly and without confusion navigate the cooker to your heart’s desires.

Cooks More than Rice

Don’t underestimate the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305 just yet, because it has more surprises in store. Yes, it does cook more than just white, brown, sushi, or sticky rice! Get creative with this simple device and try out your favorite rice pudding recipe or make some quick oatmeal for breakfast. 

Easy Clean-Up

Lastly, the CJE-A0305 makes kitchen time quicker than ever with its easy clean-up process. The lid is separable so you can wash and wipe it in just a few minutes, without hassle. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

✔️ Perfect for solo dwellers and couples
✔️ Easy-clean removable lid
✔️ Convenient LED display
✔️ Versatile cooker
✖️ Rather pricey for a small rice cookers
✖️ Not for fit for large households

What People Are Saying About It

They say good things come in small packages, and that much is true for the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305. In any case, this compact rice cooker is a capable kitchen buddy, perfect for cooking any variety of rice in just-right amounts.

“Regardless of whether the capacity refers to cooked or uncooked rice, this rice cooker is certainly on the small size, which would make it a good choice for kitchens where you don’t have much space.”

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Where to Buy the Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305


Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

Want this rice cooker in your kitchen countertop? Head on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices!

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Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker CJE-A0305

This smart and pretty-in-pink Cuchen model allows you to make just the right amount of rice for you and your partner. It includes a handy LED display that makes it simple to use and check on your food without ever lifting the lid. With this versatile appliance, you can cook more than simply rice. Use it to whip up some quick porridge for breakfast or experiment with your favorite rice pudding recipe.