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Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW Review


Elegant, stylish, cutting-edge, innovative. All these describe Cuchen, the Korean household name for quality rice cookers. This brand stands out among the rest not just for the avant-garde looks of their cookers, but also due to the technologically-advanced capabilities that their units have.

One such unit is the Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW, capable of yielding meals with just one touch. Check it out! 



Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW

Model NameElectric IR Pressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJH-LX0661RHW
ColorBlack and Platinum Brown
Dimensions14.1 x 10.5 x 10.3 inches
Weight11.4 lbs.
Capacity 6 cups
Product AccessoriesRemovable clean cover

All of Cuchen’s rice cookers are equipped with an inner pot that has a specialized coating, and this one is no exception. The multiple-layer charcoal coating used in this cooker ensures that it can withstand all the high pressure while delivering high-quality, excellent meals every time. 



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Let’s take a closer look at the features of this elegant and innovative cooker!

IR Sensor

Cuchen prides itself in developing the industry’s first IR sensor-capable rice cooker. The IR sensor equipped in the Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW ensures the optimal tuning of heat while cooking. It also employs the use of a 3-level induction heating technology, capable of adapting to multiple types of rice. The specialized timing and temperature adjustments of the IR sensor the 3-level IH technology ensure that you get a perfectly-cooked batch of rice every single time.

Smart Touch Display

The Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW separates itself from other rice cookers in the market by having a touchscreen display. Nowhere else can you see a cooker that has a smart touch display instead of the usual knobs or buttons. It’s almost like a smartphone, except it’s a rice cooker. The navigation is easy to use, with all options laid out for the user. If you don’t feel like using the buttons, the unit also has a voice-command navigation in different languages.


This cooker is perfect for households that aren’t small but not too large either. It can yield about 6 cups of rice, just enough to serve all the members of medium-sized families. Aside from that, the cooker can also cook different types of grains, such as mixed rice, brown rice, and the like. It even has functions that allow you to cook 5 different textures of rice, namely:

  • Regular rice
  • Clay pot rice
  • Cast iron rice
  • Stone bowl rice
  • Soft sticky rice

The unit also doubles as a slow cooker. It’s ideal for when you find yourself wishing to eat stews, soups, oatmeal, noodles, and more. Cuchen takes the hassle out of mealtimes, thanks to this cooker’s versatile use. 

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this rice cooker is an absolute breeze all due to its one-touch cleaning system. Just add a little water into the inner pot, select the “auto-cleaning” option in the settings, and voila! A high-pressure steam cleans all nooks and crannies of the cooker, preventing its nozzles from clogging. You can also remove the stainless steel cover for easy hand-washing.

Pros and Cons

✔️ For medium households
✔️ Has an IR sensor
✔️ Smart touchscreen navigation
✔️ Versatile cooker
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not for small families or kitchens
✖️ Not portable

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re looking for a cooker that makes time in the kitchen a breeze, then set your sights on the Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW. It’s a versatile, stylish, highly-developed addition to your kitchen.

“Cuchen has all the features one could ever want from a rice pressure cooker, keeping rice warm without any dryness.”

Magnetic Cooky

Where to Buy

productCuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW

Ready to purchase the Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW? Head on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices!

If you need to know more about other rice cooker brands and models, have a look at our rice cooker reviews.

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A smart rice cooker, the Cuchen Electric IR Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-LX0661RHW is a big helping hand in the kitchen. It can whip up not only rice but other meals too in just one pot. The touchscreen also makes this worth it.

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