Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker Review


Cooking rice can be done in many ways: via stovetop, microwave, and rice cooker. While all those different methods can help you cook rice, only one of them can make perfectly cooked rice without all the hassle. If you want to have perfect rice with minimal effort on your part, check out this Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker.

Is Yum Asia Rice Cooker Good?

Yum Asia is a brand that started out by bringing Zojirushi rice cookers to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. After working with Zojirushi, YumAsia started to develop its own line of cookers. The brand is known for its excellent cookers that are small yet powerful.

About the Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

ManufacturerYum Asia
Model NameSakura Rice Cooker
Model NumberYUM-EN15US
ColorBlack and White
Product Dimensions15.3″D x 11.4″W x 9.4″H
Weight2 kilograms
Capacity1.5 liters
Product AccessoriesSpatula Handle Holder, High-Quality Rice Spatula, Soup Ladle, US Power Cable, Rice Measuring Cup, Multi Language Instruction Manual, Steaming Basket, Quick Start Guide

Cooking perfect rice effortlessly is achievable with the Sakura! This rice cooker is a small yet powerful kitchen appliance that not only cooks rice but can also cook porridge, vegetables, meat, and more. This 8-cup capacity rice cooker has a modern look with oriental influences. It’s also equipped with a bright LED display to make it easy for anyone to operate.

Benefits of the Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

If you want to know what the Sakura cooker can bring to the kitchen, check out its best features!


Aside from rice cooking, this rice cooker also has several functions! It can bake cakes, steam vegetables, make yogurt, and even slow cook. This rice cooker also includes an automatic Keep Warm function that lets your food stay warm so you can eat fluffy grains any time of the day.

Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology

White rice, brown, short grain, any type of grain, the Sakura can make them all perfectly thanks to its Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology! It has 7 different cooking phases that you can just press and it will automatically adjust the temperature and the cooking times depending on what grain you use. 

For example, brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice. Simply press the button for the Brown Rice settings and watch as the rice cooker automatically adjusts its cooking cycle to accommodate your choice of grain. 

Made with Premium Materials

Inside the Sakura is a durable, premium 5-layer ceramic bowl that has easy-to-read water-level lines and easy-lift handles. The inner lid of the Sakura is made with stainless steel, ensuring that it will last you long. The Sakura also comes equipped with a spatula holder so that you don’t lose the spatula during meals.

Aside from that, the brand made sure to include a measuring cup, soup ladle, rice spatula, and steam basket in the box so that you have everything you need in the kitchen.

Pros and Cons of the Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

✔️ 7 different rice functions
✔️ Keep Warm function
✔️ 5-layer Ceramic Inner Bowl
✔️ 8 cups uncooked rice capacity
✔️ Comes with a rice spatula and measuring cup
✖️ Can be more expensive than other brands

What People Are Saying About It

The Sakura is an all-rounder in the kitchen, ideal for anyone who wants a cooker that can do almost everything for them. It can cook all types of grains, producing perfect rice every time. The Sakura comes equipped with Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology that allows it to be multi-functional, and it has a Keep Warm mode too! It comes with a 5-layer ceramic bowl, ensuring that it will last you long. 

“I have never considered a rice cooker before, but having used the Sakura and having found out that there is little work required to cook grains using this method, we think it is a brilliant addition to a kitchen to get superior results.”

Matt P. – The Gadget Man

Where to Buy the Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

Cut down the laborious cooking time in the kitchen by getting yourself a Sakura cooker! This handy kitchen gadget comes with a host of features that take out all the hard work in cooking rice. To get this incredible appliance in your kitchen, check out the best deals and prices on Amazon.

Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

Making rice is easier than ever with the Sakura! Its Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology can deliver perfect rice without all the fuss!

Whether it’s cake baking, steaming vegetables, or making a whole host of rice dishes, the Sakura can do it all. 

It also has a Keep Warm function that can keep the cooked rice warm for several hours so that you can eat a delicious bowl of fluffy grains anytime that you want.

You don’t have to worry about the Sakura breaking down because it’s made with only premium materials. The durable ceramic bowl will last you a lifetime – it’s BPA-free and PTFE/PFOA-free and has easy-to-read silk print water-level lines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Asian rice cookers any good?

They are. An Asian rice cooker will make your grains perfect every time compared to doing it on the stovetop. Most cookers produced by Asian brands are equipped with a technology that makes the entire process easy and they often have a Keep Warm function so that you can eat fluffy rice any time.

Is Yum Asia the same as Zojirushi?

They are not the same. They are different brands but both offer modern cookers that help greatly in the kitchen.