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Rice Cooker Cooking Plate: What is it Used For?


If you’ve bought and owned several rice cookers before, you’ve probably come across a cooking plate once or twice. A cooking plate is a handy accessory you can use to cook your favorite recipes. Whenever you’re too busy or tired to cook your much-deserved warm meals, this time-saving device can be your most precious ally.

Not really sure what it is? Read below to find out more about a rice cooker cooking plate and its use.

What is a Rice Cooker Cooking Plate?

rice cooker cooking plate

A rice cooking plate is an additional accessory you’ll get when purchasing a new rice cooker like Tiger or some models of Panasonic. It is also a usual addition in ceramic rice cooker models.

It is usually made of BPA-free materials and is specially designed so that the flavors from the meal you’re trying to cook don’t mesh with the rice. As delicious as your side dish is, you don’t want your rice tasting like it. The plate is usually made from metal is is small enough to fit inside your rice cooker without compromising the expected capacity of the unit.

Tiger rice cookers, in particular, have cooking plates called Tacook. The Tacooks are usually colored orange and have two handles on each side to make removal easier.

What is The Use of The Rice Cooker Cooking Plate?

This certain accessory is used to cook side dishes and it does so by using the heat generated from the steam of the boiling rice. Meals you can cook using a rice cooking plate includes:

  • boiled vegetables
  • chicken dishes
  • steamed fish
  • and many more

The dishes, however, are limited to the size of your cooker. You need to be mindful of your serving size as it might spill over your rice cooker.

Although you might not be able to make feasts alongside your rice, you can cook a personal meal in half the time and effort. The time you would have spent watching over the stove can now be spent relaxing or bonding with family.

How Do I Use a Cooking Plate?

It is pretty straightforward to use. Simply add the ingredients of your recipe to the cooking plate, place your inner pot with the uncooked rice on the rice cooker, place the cooking plate on top, close the lid, and turn on the unit.

Depending on the rice cooker you own, you might need to press a menu button for this to work.

Can I Replace The Rice Cooker Cooking Plate If I Break or Lose It?

Your best bet at replacing your cooking plate is contacting the company you bought your rice cooker from. You might need to pay an extra fee if you’ve genuinely lost or damaged your cooking plate. However, if the plate you’ve received along with your rice cooker is defective, e.g it has holes, is dented, etc., then you can probably have the company replace it for free.

Nothing is more satisfying than eating a hot meal after a tiring day, more so if you didn’t have to spend too much time making it. With a rice cooker and a cooking plate, you can finally have that luxury.