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Best Tiger Rice Cooker


Your Ultimate Guide to Tiger Rice Cookers

Tiger is a huge manufacturer of kitchen appliances that are geared toward creating an innovative and intelligent space in your kitchen, making preparing meals easier than ever.

The Tiger Corporation originated in Japan and has since grown to be well known all over the globe, including the United States where it has gained a stellar reputation. With their multifunctional rice cookers that have a host of functions and features, it’s no surprise Tiger has become such a favorite to many of its consumers. 

Some of Tiger’s core features include synchro-cooking, ceramic inner pots, multiple cook options for rice and food (where else can you find a cooker that has 11 cooking options for rice?), and large rice cooking capacity. With Tiger being a brand that’s dedicated to not just creating countertop appliances but creating a lifestyle, you’ll be sure to get a glance at a more sophisticated and state-of-the-art way of living when you buy their products. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Tiger rice cooker reviews.

In a Hurry? This is the Best Tiger Rice Cooker

The JAX-S10U-WY easily tops our list of best Tiger rice cookers. Why? For this product’s size, it’s a feature-packed cooker that can even outperform its larger, heavier predecessors. This product is a testament to smart, innovative design that always seeks to improve upon itself. With dimensions of only 10.10 x 13.60 x 8.20 inches, it’s a surprise this rice cooker can do what it does, and with ease, too.

But we’re not complaining, because this cooker is the definition of a worthy investment! Like other tiger rice cooker on sale such as the JAX-T10U, this rice cooker and warmer has the Tacook cooking plate that allows you to cook delicious and flavorful rice and viand at the same time. Yes, it’s possible! This awesome, multifunctional cooker also includes 10 cooking settings, preset cooking, and an automatic keep-warm function.

Which Tiger is Best?

Best Tiger Rice Cooker, Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger JAX-S10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker

Easily one of the favorites among Tiger’s lineup, the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker comes with several handy features that make it a stellar product…

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger JKT-S10U Rice Cooker

The Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker is an appliance you can’t ignore. While surprisingly simple, it actually performs amazingly, making perfect rice every time..

Best Tiger Rice Cooker, Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger JBX-B10 Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

True to its name, the Tiger JBX-B10 Multifunctional Rice Cooker is nothing short of multifunctional and usable, making it a worthy addition to anyone’s top 5 best models…

Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger JBV-A10U Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer

So let’s say you’re not exactly a home chef, and you don’t like to have a lot of appliances in your kitchen area. This versatile Tiger model just might be what’s missing in your everyday rice cooking routine…

Best Tiger Rice Cooker, Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker

While known for their Micom units, Tiger also provides conventional rice cookers such as the JNP-S10U-HU. Built with a simple lever function, cooking rice in this unit has never been easier.

About Tiger

Tiger Corporation is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances that make life in the kitchen easier, smarter, and more streamlined. Starting out as a small business that manufactured glass vacuum bottled, Tiger quickly transformed into a giant in the world of rice cooker production. With the philosophy of creating everyday essentials for their consumers, Tiger’s goal is to foster a warm and sophisticated lifestyle with their unique and functional products.

Harboring inventive Japanese technology, Tiger has become a quick fan favorite for many of its consumers. Considered as one of the beasts of innovation, Tiger Corporation has been producing rice cookers that combine efficiency with intelligent design, making preparing rice a breeze.

Are Tiger Corporation Rice Cookers Good?

Tiger Corporation has been dedicated to creating only the best rice cookers in the market, so we’d say Tiger cookers aren’t just good, they’re great. With the technology, cooking functions, and high-quality design you’re getting, a Tiger rice cooker is an investment you won’t be sorry to make. With this brand, there’s a rice cooker for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a student living alone in a dorm room and trying to make ends meet or a family man who loves to prepare only the best rice at home. The brand also has a broad range of rice cooker types, from ceramic rice cookers to induction heating options.

Which is a Better Rice Cooker: Tiger or Zojirushi?

Buying a rice cooker can be confusing because there are so many great brands on the market. Two of the most competed are Tiger vs Zojirushi rice cooker models.

Zojirushi is another leading brand when it comes to creating top-notch kitchen appliances. They have a host of products that include advanced technology, including rice cookers that also serve as warmers, washers, slow cookers, a pressure cooker, and more! Zojirushi products usually incorporate fuzzy logic technology which helps cook rice to perfection more precisely.

We say there isn’t one brand that is objectively better than the other; it all depends on the consumer’s needs. If you prefer a simpler, less costly cooker then Tiger is your go-to. You can enjoy their wide array of rice cooker and warmer models, which boast keep-warm settings, cooking timers, and high-end stainless steel finishes, all while being able to accommodate large cups of rice.

Those who look for rice cookers with a little more advanced technology with a larger build but for a higher price might want to check out Zojirushi’s lineup, because a Zojirushi rice cooker may definitely be larger than your average rice cooker. However, if you want versatility, more cooking options, and a sleeker build while spending less, Tiger is the way to go. While they don’t usually have the same fuzzy logic technology, there’s still a reason why Tiger’s appliances stand the test of time.

Some notable Zojirushi models include the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating model, Zojirushi NS-TSC10, and the Zojirushi NHS-10.

Core Features of Tiger Rice Cookers

Innovative Technology

Made in Japan, Tiger is a brand that’s dedicated to making life more sophisticated, efficient, and hi-tech for their consumers. When you buy a Tiger product, you’re not only getting usability and functionality, you’re also elevating your lifestyle and getting a taste of a warm home life with appliances that are built to suit your needs.

A beloved company, Tiger started from small beginnings and boomed into a staple for many homes all over the world. They started by manufacturing vacuum bottles that keep drinks warm. From then, they kept their philosophy of creating appliances that make home life a warmer place. Tiger is dedicated to innovation, and it shows in their lineup of rice cookers.

Their stainless steel rice cookers are known for pushing the limits and thinking outside the box. Usually, they include 4-10 cooking settings depending on the model, a non-stick inner pan, induction heating, inner pot tacook cooking plate, and automatic keep warm functions. These are all packed in appliances that aren’t bulky and host a visually appealing exterior. Their models include cookers with 3 cup (uncooked), 5 cup rice, 6 cup, 8 cup and 10 cup capacity. Their larger models have a 5 cup uncooked rice capacity as well.

Multifunctional Design

When you buy a cooker from this brand, you’re not only getting a rice maker, you’re also getting a slow cooker, pressure cooker and a food steamer that makes cooking time in the kitchen half as quick. The logic behind this is that many individuals have been getting busier and busier at home, and so their appliances must also adjust to this change in lifestyle.

If you’re one to prepare meals for a batch of people, then Tiger’s products are definitely worth looking into. You can cook rice for half the speed and make a perfectly cooked meal each time. Rice cooking has never been more efficient.

Most of their rice makers double as a steamer, rice washer, and a pressure cooker for food. This is what they call “synchro-cooking,” making this rice cooker a rice cooker with food cooking abilities. With this function, you won’t have to worry about the flavors of the fish, chicken, or whatever viand you have affecting the taste of the rice, as the food cooker is separated and has ventilation that’s tailored to keep your rice and food cooked well, separately. They also create rice cookers that are made of stainless steel, including the following models:

  • Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup
  • Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5 Cup Uncooked Micom
  • Tiger JKT-B10U-C 

The Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker, Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup Uncooked Micom, and JKT-B10U-C are all available in different cup capacities on Amazon.

Another pro you’ll find from this brand is their small design, even with their rice cookers that have a 5 cup uncooked rice and 10 cup cooked rice capacity. Many of their models come with a retractable power cord, too.

Trademarked Features & Cooking Functions

One of the things that is impressive about Tiger rice cookers is their commitment to branding. From their Tacook cooking plate to the synchro-cooking function found in most of their rice cookers, Tiger knows that the best way to get brand loyalty is to have a host of functions and features they can uniquely call their own.

As mentioned earlier, most of their rice cookers have a synchro-cooking function that helps the consumer cook an entire meal in just the press of a button. With synchro-cooking, you can create an entire meal including rice and viand in just one go. Tacook, on the other hand, is the function that keeps your food and rice separate, so the aroma of one won’t affect the other. While other brands have definitely tried a similar version of this, Tiger’s trademark on this function makes it the more memorable choice.

Best Tiger Rice Cookers

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JAX-S10U-WY Micom Rice Cooker• 10 Cooking Settings
• Spherical Inner Pot
• Preset Cooking Timers & Automatic Keep Warm
Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JKT-S10U Rice Cooker• Automatic Cooking Logic System
• Tacook Cooking Plate
• Induction Heating System
Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JBX-B10 Multi-Functional Rice Cooker• Synchro Cook Rice & Main Dish
• 8 Menu Settings
• High-Quality Materials
Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JBV-A10U-W• Budget-Friendly
• 4 Cook Settings
• 2-in-1 Meal Cooking Capacity
Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker• Simple Lever Mechanism
• Easy to Use
• Keep Warm Function
Best Tiger Rice Cooker

Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews: Let’s Go Over Each Tiger Rice Cooker

The Tiger JAX-S10U-WY (5 Cup Uncooked) comes with several handy features that make it a stellar product, including a spherical inner pan, automatic keep warm feature, and a multifunctional cooker that can cook rice and food at the same time. There’s no question why we named this the best rice cooker in Tiger’s lineup.

The way the keep warm function works is, once the cooking process is done, it will automatically switch to a keep warm setting. This keep warm setting helps your rice stay moist and fluffy before you take it out. What more could you need from a rice cooker and warmer? There’s so much to love in such a small package—this rice cooker sits at 13.30 x 10 x 8.20 inches in dimension.

Not only that, this Micom rice cooker/warmer (that also doubles as a slow cooker) can cook plain rice, fluffy rice, sweet rice, mixed rice, white rice, porridge, multigrain rice, brown rice, or steamed rice. It’s a rice cooker with a slow cook function that can cook different kinds of meat and vegetables. This rice cooker and slow cooker model also is a 5 cup rice cooker, perfect for a medium-sized group. This is a model that’s sure to be convenient for those who are living alone and trying to save on appliances, money, and electricity.

Its spherical inner pot makes sure cooking warm cooked rice evenly is a breeze every time. This rice cooker/slow cooker is an all-in-one package, and even includes a measuring cup, spatula, and detachable inner lid when you buy it, resulting in reduced rice cooking time.

Pros and Cons of the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY

✔️ Small and compact
✔️ Innovative design
✔️ Has Tiger's Tacook cooking plate
✔️ Variety of menu settings
✖️ Small capacity
✖️ May be difficult to navigate for some users

The Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker (5 cup capacity) is an appliance you can’t ignore. While surprisingly simple, it actually performs amazingly, making perfect rice every time. This is the perfect rice cooker for anyone looking to experiment with different cooking varieties, be it jasmine rice, sushi rice, white rice, or brown rice. What’s more, it actually has 11 cooking settings installed. So if you’re craving fluffy rice in the morning and brown rice at noon, you’d be able to do both in a jiffy. That’s even more than our overall best pick, the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY. 

The Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH stainless steel rice cooker/warmer also has an 8-layer inner pot (5 layers of metal, 3 layers of coating) that makes it super durable, making incredible, tasty rice every time. It’s also made up of induction heating technology, which uses the cooking pan itself to heat the rice. This cooks the rice at a thermal efficiency level of 85%, and the heat is balanced throughout the entire pot, making it a notable IH rice cooker. To add, the stainless steel rice cooker has a removable and washable lid and steam vent cap making cleaning up more convenient.

This multifunctional, stainless steel, induction heating rice cooker can accommodate 5.5 uncooked cups of rice, making it a great pick for medium-sized groups. Any household can easily yield 10 cups of rice with this one device, so one cooking cycle is definitely enough to feed the entire family.

It’s another rice cooker with a food steamer, an automatic keep-warm function, and easy-to-clean parts. It comes with a measuring cup, too, so you’re getting your money’s worth with this one. Cooking perfectly is no problem with this product!


Pros and Cons of the Tiger JKT-S10U

✔️ Stainless steel design
✔️ Detachable parts for easy cleaning
✖️ Lack of accessories and items
✖️ Heavy weight

True to its name, the Tiger JBX-B10 Multifunctional Rice Cooker is nothing short of multifunctional and usable. Thus, it is a worthy addition to our top 5 best models. With a cooking capacity of 5.5 cups cooked rice (2.5 cup uncooked rice capacity), this product is an easy to clean medium-sized model that packs a punch. Unlike the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY, this model only has 8 cook settings, but even then, that’s a lot! 

This model is built on durability, as seen from its high quality materials. Its design makes it a safe and long-lasting rice cooker that can withstand any type of wear. This model also comes with a measuring cup and spatula. Its 1.7mm inner pot is scratch-resistant, and it also has a BPA-free cooking plate that’s hot water resistant. For this price and this high quality inner pot, you’re definitely getting a Tiger Microcomputer Rice Cooker that’s more than what you pay for.

Pros and Cons of the Tiger JBX-B10

✔️ Innovative angular shape
✔️ Easy one-touch buttons
✔️ Can cook rice & main dish
✔️ Variety of menu selections
✔️ BPA-free, scratch-resistant, and non-stick inner pot
✖️ Small capacity
✖️ Menu selections may be difficult to navigate for some users
✖️ A bit expensive

So let’s say you’re not exactly a home chef, and you don’t like to have a lot of appliances in your kitchen area. This versatile Tiger model just might be what’s missing in your everyday rice cooking routine. 

Like many of Tiger’s rice cookers, it hosts a seemingly endless array of functions, cooking menu settings, and rice cooker technology that are geared to make the process simpler and even quicker. Biggest bonus? It’s also the least costly among these products.

One of the functions of the Tiger JBV-A10U is its well-loved synchro-cooking feature. It’s convenient, saves you a lot of cooking time, and is less energy consuming than having to cook a dish separately. The best part? This Tiger rice cooker is also super easy to clean with cleaning solution.

Not only that, this 5 cup (uncooked) Micom rice cooker model is available in two different size capacities. The first one is your standard size with a 2 1/2 cup uncooked rice capacity and 5 1/2 cup cooked rice capacity, while the second one has more room with its 10-cup cooked rice capacity, making preparing a meal for large groups a piece of cake. You’ll love its classic keep warm function, too—Tiger’s micom rice cooker will automatically switch to keep warm settings once the rice is cooked. This model comes with a measuring cup, steam cap, and a retractable power cord.

Pros and Cons of the Tiger JBV-A10U

✔️ Best for beginners
✔️ All accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Solid and reliable
✖️ Short lifespan
✖️ The inner pot is prone to nicks and scratches

High-end rice cookers are generally far more advanced nowadays, with some units providing premium functions such as induction heating. However, a conventional rice cooker still retains its charm due to its simplicity, ease of use, and overall versatility despite having only one to two cooking modes. While known for their Micom units, Tiger also provides conventional rice cookers such as the JNP-S10U-HU.

Not all rice cookers can say this, but cooking rice in this unit has never been easier. Simply add the rice and appropriate amount of water to the inner pot, push down the lever, and wait for the rice to cook. Clean-up is also made easier due to the inner pot’s nonstick surface. Aside from rice, the unit is versatile enough to cook simple one-pot dishes, stews, and soups.

Its “Keep Warm” feature can keep your rice at its optimum temperature for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for those that want to enjoy warm home-cooked meals. If you’re a busy individual with barely any time left in your schedule for cooking, this feature allows you to prepare your meals in advance. No need to worry about constantly checking your food as it cooks since the unit requires little to no supervision.

The JNP-S10U-HU comes with a retractable power cord and a removable steam vent. Overall, this unit is the ideal kitchen companion if you’re looking for a conventional cooker that is easy to use and can keep your rice warm for longer periods of time.

Pros and Cons of the Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker

✔️ Ideal for beginners
✔️ Up to 12 hours keep warm functionality
✔️ Nonstick inner pot
✖️ Steam vent may be hard to clean
✖️ Not ideal for cooking brown rice

Tiger Rice Cooker Comparison

Tiger Rice CookerModel NamePriceFunctionalityQualityTotal RatingCheck Price on Amazon
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JAX-S10U-WY9998.8Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JKT-S10U8888.7Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JBX-B10U Multi-Functional Rice Cooker8898.5Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JBV-A10U-W8998.0Best Tiger Rice Cooker
Best Tiger Rice CookerTiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker87.587.8Best Tiger Rice Cooker

Final Note

Tiger is one company that’ll give you a bang for your buck. Its multifunctional features, innovative design, and unique technology make it a favorite among those who love to streamline their kitchen process. You’re also getting your money’s worth, being able to choose from a variety of models with different materials and designs, from stainless steel to 8-layer inner pots and many more. 

With this brand, you can easily prepare large batches of meals for the family, or simply improve your time spent at home by fostering a more convenient lifestyle and making perfectly cooked rice at each go. If you’re looking to add some uniqueness to your kitchen countertop, Tiger rice cookers are the way to go. 

If you want to check out other models, head to our review of the best rice cookers in the market. 


Hailing from California, USA. Ji-hyun is a Korean American 🇰🇷🇺🇸 with two growing boys who eat their weight in rice each week. After graduating UCLA & becoming a mom she started We Know Rice as a guide for all the students and moms out there looking to cook healthy and filling meals.

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