Nissin Releases Instant Food Series Said to Provide a Balanced Meal


Getting enough nutrition can be a challenge for many people as it can be difficult to find healthy, ready-made, or easy-cook meals at a truly affordable price.

In response to these challenges, Nissin released their Kanzen Meshi (“Complete Meal”) instant food series. These instant dishes, which come in a variety of forms including rice, noodles, curry, and even pasta, are said to provide a balanced meal.

According to Nissin’s product website, the products in the Kanzen Meshi series have 33 kinds of important nutrients in them set by Japanese dietary intake standards. Every cup holds three major nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – minerals, fatty acids, dietary fiber, as well as eight types of vitamins. 

While each meal cost about 200 yen more than the regular versions of similar products buy Nissin, these also cost about the price of an average bento from a convenience store or supermarket. Every ingredient in the Kanzen Meshi series is made to deliver delicious instant food with Nissin Foods’ five latest food technologies.

Together, they claim to reproduce smooth flavors, reduce salt content, retain the nutrients in fresh rice, and lock in the original umami of freeze-dried vegetables and meat.