Lao Farmers Return to Rice-Fish Farming

Lao Farmers Return to Rice-Fish Farming


After modern agricultural methods have failed to provide them with a sustainable income, farmers in Laos are rediscovering old customs and using the rice-fish farming method to earn a living.

Rice-Fish Farming

Rice-fish farming, which is a method of farming rice while cultivating fish on the same plot of land, is a millennia-old tradition in the landlocked South East Asian country. However, this method isn’t as widely used anymore due to the progression of rice production and the increased use of pesticides.

However, deforestation, increase in population growth, and environmental deterioration have resulted in a decrease in food supply and the inability of communities to sustain themselves.

To combat this situation, farmers are currently collaborating with local governments and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to expand the range of aquatic species produced in rice fields, resulting in a more productive and ecologically varied environment that can help alleviate poverty.

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