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Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601 Review


More often than not, one of the last things people would want to do after a long, grueling day at work is to deal with kitchen matters. It’s so much easier to just order out, but doing that for the long term can have effects on the budget and health. Good thing multi-functional cookers have arrived to save the day. They save you both time and effort when it comes to mealtimes! 

One such cooker is the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601. This sleek-looking device can make rice, stews, soups, and more! Curious to know what else it has in store for you? Read on and find out!

About the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601


Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

Model NamePressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberWPA-C0601
Dimensions15 x 12 x 11.9 inches
Weight12 lbs.
Capacity 6 cups

This cooker looks the farthest from being a rice cooker with its oddly pleasing oval shape and sizeable LCD. It’s sure to attract your guests at home but believe us when we say that this cooker is more than just its looks! It’s equipped with great features that’ll leave your guests mesmerized.  

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601 Benefits


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Ever heard your rice cooker talk to you in multiple languages? Well, this Cuchen is capable of that, making kitchen time less of a hassle. That’s not the only thing it can do though. Here are some more of its highlights:

For Medium Households

Have a family of 5? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to host little get-togethers in your home? Either way, the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601 will be able to cover all your needs as it can yield up to 6 cups of rice. The cooker is more than capable of cooking several varieties of rice such as white rice, brown rice, mixed rice, and the like! Any rice that your family wants to have, this cooker can make happen! 


Aside from rice, this cooker can also act as your very own one-pot dish maker. With its large LCD panel, it’s easy to select menus and functions for the perfect dish. You can toss in meats and vegetables to steam and make healthy dishes, or you can use the slow cook function to conjure a good batch of stew, boiled dishes, porridge, noodles, and more. A rice cooker and one-pot cooker in one can be your ultimate lifesaver in the kitchen! 

One-Touch Cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle at all with the WPA-C0601! You don’t even have to haul out the inner pot just to be able to wash it as this cooker comes with a one-touch self-cleaning function. Simply press the option on the panel and it’ll release high-steam pressure to clean and sanitize every inch of the cooker, making it spotless. 

Durable Coating

As with all of Cuchen’s rice cookers, the WPA-C0601’s inner pot is also coated with a special durable coating. The elvan coating prevents food from sticking to the pot and has excellent thermal conductivity, ideal for making warm, restaurant-quality rice every time. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

✔️ Yields 10 cups
✔️ User-friendly navigation and display
✔️ Multi-functional cooker
✔️ Has multilingual voice navigation
✔️ Easy to clean
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Large and heavy
✖️ Not portable

What People Are Saying About It

If you’re looking for an excellent helping hand in the kitchen, the Cuchen WPA-C0601 might be it. It yields enough rice for the household, has user-friendly navigation, can cook multiple dishes, and most of all, it’s very easy to clean! Consider it a worthy adversary in the kitchen.

“Cuchen’s innovation in cooking appliances makes them stand out from regular brands.”

Cookware Daily

Where to Buy the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

productCuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

Decided on getting the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601 for your kitchen? Head on over to Amazon to check the best deals and prices!

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Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601

The Cuchen WPA-C0601 can be just what you’re looking for if you need a great helping hand in the kitchen. It can cook a variety of rice and healthful meals, yields enough rice for the household to use 6 cups at a time, and most importantly, is incredibly simple to clean thanks to a one-touch self-cleaning feature! This cooker will draw guests to your home with its huge display and uniquely appealing oval design.



The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker WPA-C0601 might be pricey on the wallet, but it truly gets the job done. It's excellent for medium-sized households who are looking to level up their rice and meals in the kitchen.

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