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Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV Review


Cuchen’s rice cooker lineup is touted as one of the best in Korea. It’s not a wonder why. Not only are they stylish, but they also come with a host of smart cooking functions that makes time in the kitchen a lot easier! Check out the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV, with its chic design, unique color way, and innovative mechanism. Read on to find out more about this cutting-edge cooker! 

About the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV


Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV

Model NamePressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJS-FA1004DV
Dimensions16.8 x 12.2 x 12 inches
Weight15 lbs.
Capacity 10 cups
Product AccessoriesRemovable clean cover

If you’re one for sleek and modern aesthetics, this cooker will fit right in your kitchen. Aside from its eye-catching looks, it can make you restaurant-quality rice and more. 

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV Benefits

productCheck out other functions and features on Amazon

Wondering what else this innovative cooker can do for you and the kitchen? Here are some of its best features! 

User-Friendly Navigation

Proving their technological prowess, Cuchen equipped this cooker with a graphic digital panel and navigational smart dial that’s easy to use! There’s also the LED screen that’s placed at the top, in line with the cover, for users to conveniently see the cooking options. 

Simply turn the smart dial to get started and press the right cooking option. It also comes with a multi-lingual voice navigation guide to help you out with the cooking options. It’s so easy to use that Cuchen claims both kids and adults can use it without any worries.

For Medium Households

A rice cooker that can feed more than 5 members? You bet that the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV can do it! This cooker can easily yield up to 10 cups of rice, enough to have servings for the entire household.

Diamond Coating

Cuchen’s rice cookers are all geared with a high-quality inner pot that’s made of thermal spraying steel and charcoal coating. The coating assures that this inner pot is moisture-resistant and can withstand high pressure. Add to that, the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV has an inner black diamond coating applied to it, minimizing scratches and making it immensely durable.

Moreover, this cooker also has a triple-packing seal to it, making it secure from leaks and tightly keeping the thermal heat in. 

Multi-Use Cooker

Not only can this cooker yield you 10 cups of rice, you can also use different varieties of grains that you have in your rice dispenser. Make plain rice, use medium grains, and even load in sticky glutinous rice in this cooker. Any grain you prefer, this unit can cook it perfectly for you. 

More than just rice, this cooker can also whip up serious one-pot meals! Your favorite soups, stews, noodles, oatmeals are all possible to make without any hassle. If you have children, you can even make your own baby food to ensure that your kids are eating healthiest homemade meals. 

Hassle-free Cleaning

Cleaning the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV is a breeze as it has a detachable cleaning cover once mealtime is done. You can push it out, run it through with soap and water, and pop it right back in. The cooker also has an automatic cleaning function that cleans out even the hardest to reach places! Simply select the automatic clean option in the settings and the cooker sprays a steam inside the cooker, sweeping all nooks and crannies, preventing any clogs. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV

✔️ Smart dial for navigation
✔️ Multilingual voice navigation
✔️ Ideal for medium households
✔️ Easy to clean
✖️ Can be pricey
✖️ Can take up a vast space in the kitchen

What People Are Saying About It

High-end smart cooking makes its arrival in kitchens with the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV! With its multi-functional use, smart dial, voice navigation, and hassle-free cleaning properties, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth.

“If you have an eye for beauty and elegance, the Cuchen multifunctional rice cooker is made for you.”

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Where to Buy the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV


Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV

Ready to purchase the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV? Make your way over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices!

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The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA1004DV is a smart rice cooker that's easy to use, even kids can do it! It looks gorgeous and its functions make it a worthy purchase.

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