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Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V Review


Korean brand Cuchen is making waves everywhere with its products, particularly its rice cookers. Unlike most rice cookers in the market, Cuchen’s products have a chic, polished, and futuristic look to them, making them absolutely stand out. Looks aside, Cuchen’s cookers are also a beast when it comes to features and more.

Enter the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V. Designed for medium-sized households, this cooker has a cutting-edge design and is packed with a ton of features. Let’s take a deeper dive into it!

About the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

productCuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

Model NamePressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJS-FA0601V
ColorBlack and Silver
Dimensions14.6 x 10.7 x 10.6 inches
Weight12.9 lbs.
Capacity 6 cups
Product AccessoriesRemovable cover

This unit has a sleek, modern fit to it, making it look different from most rice cookers out there in the market! Its stylish look can definitely add avant-garde air to your kitchen.

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V Benefits


This stylish cooker is more than just its looks! Want to know more about what it can do for you? Here are some of its features:

Medium Capacity

Having rice for everyone at home won’t be an issue with the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V. This advanced cooker can yield rice for up to 6 people in the family! Definitely more than enough for a medium-sized household. 

Graphic-Colored Programming

This cooker has a user-friendly, graphic-colored digital programming panel that makes use of FND/LCD. They’re one-touch buttons too — select any of the options and your choice will appear bright and clear on the screen. It’s like touching a smartphone screen on a rice cooker!

Dyking Coating

Cuchen equipped its rice cookers with an inner pot made of spraying stainless steel and charcoal coating. This one is no exception. The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V has Dyking Coating. According to Cuchen, Dyking Coating is “a coating technique specially designed for pressure cookers and minimizes the invasion of steam particles into the coated layers of the inner pot under high temperature and pressure.” In other words, that makes the inner pot waterproof, moisture-resistant, and able to withstand high pressure! 

Additionally, the unit has triple-packing sealing technology, ensuring that heat insulation and pressure are strongly contained inside the cooker. Isn’t it amazing? 

Versatile Cooker

The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V can cook three different types of rice. It adjusts to the type of rice loaded, delivering perfectly cooked, quality rice every time. You can cook plain rice, medium grains, and even sticky glutinous rice in this!

Mealtimes are also easier with this unit. This highly-developed cooker not only makes rice but also a host of other dishes as well. Meats, stews, soups, porridge, eggs, and noodles — these are just some of the meals that this unit is capable of.


One might think that a technologically-advanced cooker would be a pain to clean, but not with this one. The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V comes with a detachable clean cover for easy clean-up. The cover can be simply removed from the cooker and each corner of it can be washed under the faucet, making this unit highly hygienic. 

Moreover, the unit also has a one-touch automatic cleaning option to rid the inside of any litter. Simply select the automatic cleaning function on the front panel and the cooker will spray high-pressure steam inside, preventing clogging in any corner or nozzles. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

✔️ Medium-sized yield
✔️ Multi-functional
✔️ Hassle-free cleaning
✔️ Easy-to-use digital panel
✔️ High-quality inner coating
✖️ Can take up vast space on the counter
✖️ No glass lid
✖️ Not portable

What People Are Saying About It

The Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V is an innovative wonder cooker. It yields food enough for an average-sized household that has numerous cooking options and comes equipped with a user-friendly digital panel and high-quality charcoal coating. Not to mention, it also has a sleek-looking modern design that will surely level up any kitchen counter.

“Cuchen makes a number of models that look visually appealing and a little bit unusual. At the same time, the company is also a good choice for conventional rice cookers and for more unusual options, like pressure rice cookers. As such, the brand is a good all-around choice, regardless of the type of rice cooker that you are looking for.”

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Where to Buy the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

productCuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

Have you decided on getting the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V? Hop on over to Amazon so you can get the best deals and prices to have this cooker in your home!

If you need to know more about other rice cooker brands and models, take a look at our rice cooker reviews.

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V

This appliance stands out from the majority of rice cookers on the market because of its sleek, modern design! And while its stylish look adds a unique vibe to your kitchen, this multipurpose cooker is also loaded with high-quality cooking features like Dyking Coating, triple-packing sealing technology to withstand high pressure, a graphic-colored digital programming panel that uses FND/LCD, a one-touch automatic cleaning option for easy clean-up, and much more.



Unconvential-looking cookers are in, thanks to the Cuchen Pressure Rice Cooker CJS-FA0601V. The unit has a host of versatile cooking options that make mealtimes easy and worth looking forward to.

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