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Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F Review


Making dishes for large groups is never an easy task. Apart from numerous things to consider, there’s also the matter of having a lot of kitchen pots, pans, and other paraphernalia to use. Talk about it being absolutely hard to make a meal from scratch!

If you’re looking to simplify things in the kitchen, then take a look at the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F. This exquisite-looking cooker is versatile enough that it can make cooking convenient and hassle-free. Read on to know just how this cooker can help you out! 

About the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F


Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F

Model NamePressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJS-FC0604F
Dimensions16.2 x 11.8 x 11.2 inches
Weight12.8 lbs.
Capacity 10 cups
Product AccessoriesRemovable clean cover

This cooker’s sleek all-black body with a textured metallic orange top makes it look extremely elegant and classy. Set it up right on your kitchen counter and it’ll be an absolute head-turner and conversation starter with guests. More than how it looks though, this smart cooker can do a lot of things. Let’s check them out!

Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F Benefits


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Are you curious on how this cooker can simplify things in the kitchen? Let’s take a closer look at its benefits and features. 

For Large Households

Making rice for the whole family or a large group? The Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F will be able to handle all your cooking! This hefty unit can make up to 12 cups of rice, serving more than enough for entire household. Maybe you’ll even have leftovers for the next day, too. 

FND and LCD Display

Situated in front of the cooker is its handy-dandy smart touch display. The LCD screen shows the timer and all the cooking options that this unit offers. It’s so easy to use that Cuchen claims both adults and kids can use this cooker without any worries! Simply select your chosen cooking preset and press the central button to start cooking your healthy, homemade meals.

Sturdy Dyking Coating

The inner pot of the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F is armed with a durable Dyking coating. This means that the inner pot isn’t easily susceptible to scratches and wear, it’s moisture-resistant, and most importantly, it can withstand the high temperature and pressure.

Aside from the Dyking coating, the cooker also has a triple layer seal. This seal ensures that food will be cooked right and prevents the pressure from leaking outside the cooker.

All-Around Cooker

This smart appliance can make a huge number of rice dishes and a variety of rice grains. You can cook with plain rice, mixed grains, glutinous rice, brown rice, barley, and more! It also has rice presets, namely regular, medium, and sticky, to make sure you get your preferred type of rice every mealtime.

Aside from cooking rice, you can also use this unit to make one-pot dishes, reducing the work in the kitchen! Stews, soups, eggs, noodles, oatmeal, and so much more! Anything is possible with this cooker.

Easy to Clean

The Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F is equipped with an automatic cleaning function, making it incredibly easy to clean. Simply add a bit of water to the inner pot, press the automatic clean option, and let the cooker do its magic. It’s as simple as that. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F

✔️ Yields 12 cups
✔️ Multi-functional cooker
✔️ Automatic cleaning option
✔️ Durable Dyking coating
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not for small families
✖️ Not portable

What People Are Saying About It

Kitchen matters won’t be exhausting anymore with the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F. It can deliver hefty servings, make multiple home-cooked meals, and cleaning is an absolute breeze. The elegant design is just the total cherry on top.

“This is an extremely well-built rice cooker that feels high quality in every department. The rice it produces is first class.”

Cook Logic

Where to Buy the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F


Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F

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Homemade meals for the entire family just became a lot easier with the Cuchen Electronic Rice Cooker CJS-FC0604F. Its ability to yield 12 cups of rice, plus its versatility in making one-pot dishes is a huge help in the kitchen.

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