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Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW Review


Making home-cooked meals can become a bit of a boring routine when not done the right way. Everything from the preparation to the cleaning up turns into a chore. The Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW can help you out.

With just a few simple buttons, a sturdy steel exterior, and high-sensory induction heating technology, you’ll be able to leave your kitchen feeling like a home chef. Let’s take a look at what this Cuchen unit has in store for us!

About the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW

Model NameIH Pressure Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJH-PH1000RCW
Dimensions19 x 14 x 14 inches
Weight23 lbs.
Capacity 10 cups

Even with just one look, you know this model is built to last. The all-silver stainless steel exterior is reminiscent of more utilitarian, heavy-grade appliances that don’t wear easily. If that’s what you’re looking for in your kitchen, then this review is for you.

Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW Benefits

Cuchen is known for their wide variety of rice cookers, large, medium, and small. This iteration includes a host of features that can make cooking a breeze again. Find out what they are here!

Precise Cooking

The Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW certainly looks the part of an expensive, well-built rice cooker. But its power lies on the inside: how it cooks rice. Inside the exterior lies a 3-layer electromagnetic heating system that allows better heat control through an infrared sensor. With an improved heating efficiency, no grain of rice is going to be left uncooked.

Feeds the Whole Family

Nothing worse than a rice cooker that doesn’t make enough to feed everyone on the dinner table, especially if the household is particularly large. But with this unit’s 10-cup serving capacity, you won’t be left wanting! Serve everyone with warm, fluffy rice in just a single cooking cycle. No need to rush to the kitchen for a second batch.

One-Touch Cleaning

Don’t we often wish that pots and pans would clean themselves up? Just the snap of a finger, and voila: a tidy kitchen. What if we told you this cooker could be cleaned with just a single touch?

The device offers a solution to all our kitchen needs with its handy one-touch double clean system that steams the inside of the cooker automatically.

Time-Saving Functions

Thanks to the rice cooker’s unique induction heating technology, you’re not only getting better quality rice. In fact, you’re going to be cooking it quicker, too. Save time when you buy this machine with its speed-cooking function that cookes white rice in just 15 minutes, and mixed rice in 29. That’s almost half the time any other rice cooker does it.

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW

✔️ Yields 10 cups
✔️ One-touch cleaning
✔️ Superior induction heating technology
✔️ Premium charcoal-coated inner pot
✔️ Advanced safety features
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not for small families
✖️ Not portable

What People Are Saying About It

Everything from its functionality to its large-capacity is a pro for the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW. But perhaps its biggest selling point is its unique heating technology that cooks rice to perfection each time.

“The elegant and sleek design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen décor.”

Cook Logic

Where to Buy the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW

Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW

Don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime cooking experience. Purchase the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW now, available on Amazon. Head on over to the website to check the best deals and prices.

If you need to know more about other rice cooker brands and models, have a look at our rice cooker reviews.



Though pricey, the Cuchen IH Pressure Rice Cooker CJH-PH1000RCW rewards each dollar spent with its unique, high-quality materials: everything from the heating sensor to the charcoal inner pot is worth it. Purchase this product if you want an easy kitchen experience while getting perfectly cooked rice each time.

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