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Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB Review


Cooking for large groups but you’ve only got a regular-sized rice cooker in your arsenal? Worry not, for Aroma may have the solution to your problems. Introducing the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB, the ideal cooker for sizeable households. This multi-functional unit comes with several programmable functions, making mealtime easier for the entire family.

Eager to know more about this rice cooker and all of its features? Check out our full review!

About the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

productAroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

ManufacturerAroma Housewares
Model NameProfessional Digital Rice Cooker
Model NumberARC-2000ASB
Dimensions10.83 x 10.83 x 11.22 inches 
Weight6.61 lbs.
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)10 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)20 cups
Product AccessoriesSteam tray
Measuring cup
Serving spatula
Soup Ladle
Recipe Booklet

Mealtime in a large household has just become effortless and quick with this rice cooker. Toss your meats and vegetables in the steamer and load it up while the rice cooks below. If that sounds good to you, then this cooker might just be the best fit for your kitchen.

Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB Benefits


Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

Aroma values its consumers’ time and energy, hence the convenient and user-friendly aspect of this rice cooker. Read on to know more about what this unit has to offer.

Versatile Cooker

These days, rice cookers aren’t simply just rice cookers anymore. A whole spectrum of them are now multi-functional cookers, and the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB isn’t an exception. Aside from rice, this device can also make steamed meals and hearty one-pot dishes! Aroma has also included a recipe booklet to help users make the most out of this cooker.

Generous Capacity

A member of Aroma’s lineup of large-capacity rice cookers, the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB can yield 20 cups of rice in one go! That alone is more than enough to feed the all the members of a large family, and possibly even the neighbors. 

Easy-to-Use Controls

Situated on the front of this cooker are several one-touch buttons, eliminating the all the hassle that comes with cooking. Options include White Rice, Brown Rice, Quick Rice, Smart Steam, Slow Cook, Keep Warm, and a programmable 15-hour delay timer. 

Aroma highlights the Smart Steam option as one that allows users to set the steam time for automatic shut-off. This ensures that your meals are made perfectly and don’t run the risk of overcooking. The Quick Rice function can be helpful for those always on-the-go as it cuts the cooking time by up to 50%! 

Pros and Cons of the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

✔️ Yields 20 cups of rice
✔️ Several cooking options
✔️ Ideal for large households
✔️ Easy to clean
✖️ No glass lid to see the food inside
✖️ Can take up space in the kitchen

What People Are Saying About It

Versatile usage, a sizeable capacity, easy-to-clean accessories, and an affordable price tag. Aroma has proved once again that their rice cookers are a bang for the buck. 

“This product will exceed your expectations: it works great for rice, steamed vegetables, oatmeal, quinoa, and soups!”

Magnetic Cooky

Where to Buy the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB


Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB

Decided on making a space for the Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker ARC-2000ASB in your kitchen? Check out Amazon to get the best deals and prices!

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The ARC-2000ASB makes cooking large meals and servings effortless with a push of a button. The free recipe book is a genius idea, saving one's time in thinking which dishes to whip up. It's definitely worth your money and a space on your counter.

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