The ‘Rice Board’ is a Delicious TikTok Trend Made for Rice Lovers


Soo-Jin Kim’s video, which has garnered a combined 5 million views on Instagram and TikTok, shows her remixing a butter board recipe from food TikToker Sam Schnur with her own Asian version of the shareable spread.

Butter boards took off on social media last month and are a riff on the charcuterie board, featuring heaping mounds of butter spread on a serving dish, sprinkled with different toppings, and served with bread or crackers.

Kim, 44, who grew up in Korea and now lives in Florida, said she wasn’t too interested in a board full of butter, but it gave her the idea to make a platter of her favorite foods.

Kim, who works as an event planner and gained a following posting food videos, first shared her board earlier this month. It includes a bed of sticky rice and slices of fried Spam. She adds sliced Korean pickled radishes called danmuji, toasted sesame seeds, Sriracha, and mayo, which are scooped up with sheets of nori.

Her video starts, “POV: you don’t get the butterboard so you make your own board.” Kim slaps the sushi rice onto her platter. The butter board recipe says to “make a charcuterie board but for butter,” so Kim does the same and adds fried Spam. The text then says, “Butterboard: Add stuff,” and as Kim makes her own version, the text on the screen says, “Rice board: Add Asian stuff.”

She said she’s had a lot of other videos go viral but never gained as much traction from those.

“I knew it wasn’t going to do poorly because the butter board was trending. But I didn’t know I was going to get that many comments and engagement as a result. That was what shocked me more,” she said.

Butter boards started appearing on TikTok after Justine Doiron, who runs a food account on the app, posted the video on September 15. The board was inspired by a recipe in Portland, Oregon-based chef Josh McFadden’s James Beard Award-winning book “Six Seasons.”

TikTok users showed their love for Kim’s idea in the comments of her video.