Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker Review

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker Review


Rice is a staple food in many countries and the perfect side dish for any main course. However, rice, particularly white rice, contains a lot of starch, which the body turns into glucose. Consuming too much white rice, therefore, can possibly lead to obesity and diabetes. Some might say that washing the rice should get rid of all the starch, but the process only removes the surface starch from the rice grains and not from the rice itself. Fortunately, with how advanced technology is nowadays, you can still enjoy rice minus the possible health risks. This is made possible with the help of desugaring rice cookers.

If you’re looking to own one of these innovative cookers, why not check out the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker? Built with excellent features and a modern design, this unit is worth a look. Read below for more details.

About the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker
ManufacturerTevo Technics

Model Name

Desugar Rice Cooker

Model Number
Product Dimensions255 x 305 x 230 mm
Capacity10 cups (uncooked) of normal rice
5 cups (uncooked) of less sugar rice
Product AccessoriesMeasuring Cup
Rice Scoop
Drain Sugar Kettle
Soup Pot

The Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker features a simple yet smooth and clean look, perfect for any modern kitchen. Controls are located on top of the slightly wide lid, with smart touch control and a circular LED digital display that shows you the cooking modes and time needed to cook your rice. The unit is small enough to be portable and can fit on medium-sized countertops.

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker Benefits

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Appearance-wise, the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker is a unit you can proudly place in your kitchen. Given its small size, you don’t even have to hide it away every time you’re done cooking. However, its bestselling points are its features.

Desugar Function

Just as stated in its name, this unit’s central feature is its desugaring process. Unlike conventional rice cookers, this desugar rice cooker has two inner pots. These pots, which are the soup pot and the drain sugar kettle, are vital to the desugaring process of regular rice. The excess starch is filtered using steam micro-pressure and circulated towards the bottom soup pot, leaving the low-sugar rice in the kettle above. While the rice might taste a just little bland due to the removal of sugar, you’ll still be enjoying your favorite grain guilt-free.

2 Low Sugar Modes

Additionally, the unit has two low-sugar modes. The standard low sugar lowers up to 30% sugar and is best used if you’re a casual health nut looking to cut a bit of sugar from your diet. The advanced low sugar cuts even more starch from rice and is ideal for those that want to lessen health risks like obesity and diabetes. This mode is also best when cooking rice for the elderly.


While its main function is to cook low-sugar rice, you can still cook other dishes in this rice cooker. The unit features pre-programmed presets for standard rice, soft rice, and even cake, soup, and stew. From plain rice to one-meal dishes like chicken burrito bowls, the only limit you’ll have is the cooker’s capacity. Given that this is a touch-and-go appliance, you wouldn’t have to worry about burning your food as you move on to other chores.

Pros and Cons of the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

✔️ Desugar feature
✔️ Easy to use
✔️ Two low sugar modes
✔️ Portable
✖️ Not ideal for large households
✖️ A bit expensive for its size

What People Are Saying About It

The Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker is easy to use and can cook low-sugar rice without much effort. The user only has to use it like any regular rice cooker and set the mode to low sugar to get their guilt-free grain. The resulting cooked rice has a slight blandness, but this isn’t particularly noticeable. There will barely be any difference once the rice is served with other meals.

“There’s very little difference in regular rice. Actually, if you go out and eat at a restaurant and this rice is served to you, you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Julius Babao – TEVO TECHNICS

Where to Buy the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

Ready to cook low-sugar rice for you and your household using the Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker? You can head out to Tevo Technics to order your very own unit.

Need something a little more conventional or more high-end? For more information regarding rice cookers, check out our guides and reviews.

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

Tevo Technics Desugar Rice Cooker

With the use of desugaring rice cookers like the Tevo Technics, you may enjoy delicious portions of rice without running any possible health risks. It features a dual inner pot to filter excess starch using steam micro-pressure and two sugar modes to cut sugar according to your needs.

You may also use it to make other foods like plain rice or one-pot meals. So whether you’re a regular rice consumer or a health buff looking to lessen health risks like obesity and diabetes, the Tevo Technics is a very promising kitchen companion.