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Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review


Digital rice cookers nowadays come in various shapes and forms. Modern units offer multiple settings that can make kitchen work way easier; digital models in particular have pre-programmed cooking menu options that can cater to your specific preferences. That being said, some of these high-end units may be too small for some households, particularly if the said household loves to host parties and gatherings often. If a rice cooker’s capacity is your priority when making a purchase, then the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a viable choice.

Not only can this cooker prepare enough rice to feed your family and guests, but it also comes with other features that are sure to make preparing meals fuss-free. For more insights, continue reading below.

About the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker


Model Name

Digital Rice Cooker

Model Number003071
Product Dimensions10.5 x 11 x 11 inches
7.1 pounds
Capacity20 cups
Product AccessoriesMeasuring Cup
Steaming Tray
Rice Paddle

The unit features a stainless steel exterior with black accents and a dome-shaped locking lid. It comes with a steam tray on the side to catch the excess water boiling out of the inner pot, a rice paddle, and a measuring cup. The menu displayed in the front showcases easy-to-read cooking options and an LCD screen that lets you know how long your rice will have to cook based on your chosen setting.

Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker Benefits

While not the most aesthetically-pleasing unit, this Oster rice cooker can add that modern charm to your kitchen. Additionally, the cooker also offers the following features:

Large Capacity

Need to cook up meals for large groups of people but don’t have the time and energy to do so? This unit offers up to 20 cups capacity, ideal for when you have a large family or a crowd to feed. Since a rice cooker is a hands-off appliance, you don’t have to constantly watch over the unit as it cooks. This leaves you with more free time to do other chores. The larger capacity also allows you more freedom in what you can cook, from larger cuts of meat to a whole chicken.


The unit comes with five menu functions pre-programmed to alleviate your kitchen worries. These functions include options for white rice, brown rice, breakfast, steam, beans, and soup. You can even try your hand at making easy one-pot meals and rice dishes without worrying about accidentally burning your food. This cooker is also particularly great at making brown rice, perfect if you’re planning on cutting down your white rice intake.

This unit is so versatile you can even make a cake using this unit with enough experimentation and practice. Is rice already cooked but not ready to eat yet? The cooker comes with a keep-warm mode that can keep your rice fresh and warm for hours.

Delay Timer

One other useful feature this cooker has is its delay timer. Cooking right after coming home can be a hassle, much more so if you have other family members to feed. The delay timer function allows you to prepare the ingredients in the morning and have your meal freshly cooked when you finally arrive. All you have to do is set a specific time when you want your rice to be cooked, and the rice cooker will do the rest. Since it also adjusts its cooking temperature automatically and needs little to no supervision, you’ll have perfectly cooked rice every time for minimal effort.

This can be useful for reheating meals as well. Want to warm up your leftover soup from lunch for the next meal? Simply leave the soup in the cooker, set the timer an hour or a few minutes before serving, and you’ll have delicious hot soup for dinner.

Pros and Cons of the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

✔️ 5 cooking modes
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Locking lid
✖️ Not ideal for small households
✖️ Cord is possibly too short

What People Are Saying About It

The Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is not the most advanced cooker there is, but it offers reliable results and versatility. You can cook almost any dish, from soups, stews, and other dishes using this unit. The unit has a durable build and can withstand continuous use. However, its defining feature is its capacity of up to 20 cups of rice. This is an ideal rice cooker for large families.

“If you want to create large amounts of rice in one go, then the Oster 20-Cup 003071 Digital Rice Cooker will be great for you. The steam basket will also allow you to prepare vegetables and meat at the same time.”

Angie Parkinson- Top ten reviews

Where to Buy the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

Ready to wow your family members and guests without having to toil away in the kitchen? The Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is available on Amazon. Check out the site for the best deals and prices!

Want a smaller and more compact unit? Browse our website for more comprehensive rice cooker reviews and guides! If you’re not quite ready to invest in a rice cooker, try your hand at stovetop rice cooking with a stainless steel cookware set.

Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

The Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a high-capacity rice cooker that not only cooks enough rice to satisfy a large group of people but also includes other functions that will make meal preparation simple. The interface features straightforward cooking settings and an LCD that displays the remaining cooking time for your rice.

It also has a dome-shaped locking lid, a stainless steel exterior with black accents, and other stylish features that make it ideal for a contemporary kitchen.



Ideal for larger families, the Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker can cook up to 20 cups of rice. The rice cooker also provides pre-programmed menu functions and a delay timer, perfect for those who barely have time to set foot in the kitchen.

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