Rice Growers in Arkansas Experience Best Planting Weather in Years


According to an extension rice specialist in Arkansas, the rice growers in the state are currently experiencing its best planting weather in years. The 2021 rice planting season has just started.

Jarrod Hardke from the University of Arkansas stated that the planting pace isn’t as advanced as the farmers might like, but they have gotten a start. “A very small amount of rice was planted around the 21st, 22nd or March, to at least say that we got started. We’ve begun to see just a little bit more toward the end of last week and through the weekend,” he says.

He added that the extremely wet conditions over the last couple of years have left the rice growers struggling in getting the ground worked and the crops planted. 

According to Hardke as well, many fields have experienced potassium deficiencies. Acting as the first line of defense, Hardke says that “Not having an adequate amount in the plant was clearly impacting that and creating some disease issues. Narrow brown leaf spot for us in rice showed up in levels we haven’t ever seen.”

While the growth is indeed rising, Hardke advises farmers to continue on with their fertilizer application rates.