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Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker Review


In a food service establishment, a commercial rice cooker can make or break your menu. Its ability to cook rice and other foods in a single unit allows you to reduce labor and keep money in your pockets.

If you are looking for a brand name that perfectly complements your food business, the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker is your ideal solution. It comes in large capacity, easy-to-use cooking system, and has a quick turnaround, which is important when you want to serve customers on busy days. It can provide food service workers with a convenient way of preparing meals, making it a great kitchen appliance staple for restaurants, catered events, hotels, hospitals, and public cafeterias.

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About the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

Model NameCommercial Rice Cooker
Model NumberSR-42HZP
Product Dimensions10.5 x 16.87 x 11.87 inches
Weight12.1 pounds
Capacity23 cups
Product AccessoriesMeasuring cup
Rice scoop

The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker offers a 23-cup uncooked or 46-cup cooked rice capacity in approximately 30 minutes. Because it’s specially designed for large-scale cooking, you don’t have to wait for long periods of time between batches of food and serve your customers at the ready.

Up your cooking skills with this commercial rice cooker as it can also be used to cook a variety of grains like quinoa and farro. And it doesn’t stop there. This versatile cooking appliance also lets you braise vegetables and meat and warm liquids such as soups and gravies. Now you can offer multiple delicious recipes and perfectly cooked rice every time with just one cooker.

Benefits of Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

Panasonic is a global leader in the electronics industry, and it has been known to produce quality products. As with any reliable Panasonic rice cooker, this model will not disappoint! Let’s take a closer look at the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker advantage at a glance:

  • Large rice and grain cooker for commercial use
  • 8-hour “Keep Warm”
  • One-touch operation
  • Durable for daily use
  • Heavy-duty commercial food service quality
  • Ideal for casual dining, quick-serve, restaurants, schools and universities, and large public venues

Easy to Use and Maintain

This compact commercial rice cooker combines impressive cooking speed and convenience. With one push of a button, the Panasonic SR-42HZP immediately does the cooking and automatically switches to keep your food warm when cooking is done. You’ll never have to worry about overcooking! This handy rice cooker ensures that your food remains hot, fresh, and appetizing for 8 hours.

The manufacturer has also made sure that this product is easy to maintain by incorporating features like an easy-lift stainless steel lid and a removable aluminum inner pot. Cleaning them up is quick and easy and they’ll be ready for reuse.

Modern Design

This rice cooker combines modern technology with high-quality materials to make cooking with rice the exceptional experience it should be. The cooker is made from stainless steel and has an attractive build that makes it look great on your kitchen countertop. Its sleek minimalist design with a silver, coated steel exterior blends in perfectly with contemporary and industrial kitchens.

Durable and Energy-efficient

A busy commercial kitchen will greatly benefit from this NSF-approved commercial use Pansonic rice cooker. Equipped with a built-in double safety thermal fuse, it ensures that the unit is fully protected from overheating and is tailored for extended operational life. The pan bottom is also heated directly by a specially sheathed heating element to reduce energy consumption.

Its durable build means that you don’t have to worry about the product breaking down easily.

Pros and Cons of the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

✔️ Large capacity 46-cup cooked rice
✔️ Also used for braising and cooking other grains
✔️ Easy to use one-touch operation
✔️ Automatically shuts-off to prevent overcooking
✔️ Built-in safety thermal fuse for added protection
✖️ Pricier than other models

What People Are Saying About It

Panasonic commercial rice cookers are built to last, with features that make cooking the perfect rice and various meals simple and successful. This Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker is no exemption.

“Best electric rice cooker for small to medium businesses. I have use this brand and model for more than a decade and will not use anything else.”

Shai M. – Webstaurantstore

Where to Buy the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

You can never go wrong with a Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker. Packed with the great features of a quality commercial rice cooker, you’re sure to find a reliable kitchen accessory with excellent value for the money. Get the best deals and prices for the Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker on Amazon.

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Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker is the ideal companion in busy restaurant kitchens. With its large capacity that makes over 94 servings of cooked rice, durable build, and easy operation, you’ll be producing enough rice for your establishment and more with ease.