India Poised to Hit Record on Rice and Wheat Harvests in 2021


109.24 million tons of wheat. This figure is what is expected of India’s wheat harvest in the coming year, according to their Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Ministry’s second crop forecast.

India has long been known as the world’s second largest producer of wheat after China, and in 2021, they are expected to increase harvest by 1.3%.

Not only that, but rice output is geared to increase by 1.2% as well, specifically, 120.32 million tons.

India is also known as the world’s second largest producer and exporter of rice. The agriculture ministry places this year’s forecasted grain output at 303.34 million tons, a vast increase compared to the previous crop year’s 297.5 million tons.

Production of rapeseed oil and chickpea is expected to increase as well. This, in turn, reduces India’s foreseen importation of vegetable oils and pulses, which are said to be of short supply in India.

The increase in the mechanization of farming and agriculture has likewise bumped up local bumper rice and wheat harvests, thanks to favorable weather conditions and high-yielding seeds.

However, since granaries have been filled to the brim, new season harvests will have a hard time finding any extra space. If not careful, this could lead to potential damage to stocks exposed to rains and rodents.

Despite the positive forecasts, farmers in the countryside have a different problem to deal with in the form of new agricultural laws introduced in September of last year.