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Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548 Review


Cooking a variety of food without much effort is hard to pull off, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Thankfully, many kitchen products these days offer multifunctionality, allowing you to cook meals conveniently. One such product is the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548. With a 2 to 14-cup capacity, this rice cooker is more than capable of cooking rice, grains, hot cereals, vegetables, and more.

About the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548

ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Model NameHamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548
Model Number37548
ColorGray and Black
Product Dimensions10.75 x 10.75 x 11.06 inches
Weight14 pounds
Capacity2 to 14-cup capacity
Product AccessoriesRice spatula, rice measuring cup, steamer basket/rinser

One-pot cooking is the in thing these days. It lessens the effort needed to cook a meal, plus it also reduces the amount of pots, pans, and dishes that one has to clean up. Primarily a rice cooker, the Hamilton Beach 37548 is highly capable of cooking other food such as soups, stews, beans, pasta, hot cereals, and others. It may not look fancy, but it has the chops to become your greatest ally in the kitchen.

Benefits of Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548

Rice cookers these days are much more than their name! With all sorts of features, a rice cooker has turned into a must-have appliance in any household. Check out the highlights of the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548:

Versatile Capacity

The Hamilton Beach 37548 is a cooker that’s perfect for any kind of household, whether there are only two of you at home or if there are more than 8 of you in the family. With a 2 to 14-cup capacity, you can cook rice and not worry about running out of servings for everyone. Aside from white rice, you can also cook other types of grains and hot cereal in this cooker.

Multiple Cooking Presets

Using multiple pots and pans to cook a meal can be exhausting. Good thing that the Hamilton Beach 37548 is equipped with a host of cooking presets, allowing you to make all sorts of meals in just one pot. Some of its cooking presets include White Rice, Quick Rice, Whole Grain, Heat/Simmer, Steam Cook, and Hot Cereals. Just load up the ingredients in the inner pot, press the pre-programmed setting, and let your cooker do all the work!

Moreover, the Hamilton Beach 37548 comes with a steam basket/rinser in the box. You can cook your rice in the inner pot while you steam vegetables, fish, and other meats.

Easier Meal Planning

Imagine getting home from work, already feeling tired to the bone, but you still have to cook something for dinner. Or perhaps, you have to wake up earlier than usual just to make rice before going out for the day. With the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548, you won’t have to drag yourself to the kitchen just to make food. With its Delay Timer feature, you can plan your meals and prepare for cooking up to 15 hours in advance.

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548

✔️ Configurable digital display
✔️ Ideal for large cooking batches
✔️ Easy to clean
✖️ Inaccurate water levels can result in overcooked rice

What People Are Saying About It

Hamilton Beach rice cookers may look simple compared to other cookers but they can get the job done. They even employ some features that can also be found on more expensive machines for a more affordable price. Here’s what others have to say about the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548:

“The Hamilton Beach is the best rice cooker for most households thanks to its budget-friendly price point and performance. It’s a surprisingly strong performer, keeping pace with rice cookers that are much more expensive.”

Sho S. – Serious Eats

Where to Buy the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548

Any great rice cooker offers convenience and delivers delicious meals whenever you want it. If you’re shopping for a cooker that makes a perfect batch of rice, the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548 is one that you should look into. Hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548 can deliver a freshly made, perfect batch of rice any time of the day. Coming in at a 2 to 14-cup capacity, you can be sure that you’ll never run out of rice for everyone in the household.

Compared to more expensive rice cookers, the Hamilton Beach 37548 may have fewer presets and a more simple exterior, but it’s definitely a strong performer. Cook your rice, steam various foods, and make soups and stews, all in a single pot!



If you eat rice a couple of times a week and just want a cooker than can get the job done, the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37548 may be the one that'll suit you the best. It may lack more technologically-advanced features compared to more expensive models but it can cook delicious, fluffy rice every single time.

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