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Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review


Hamilton Beach has a knack for creating rice cookers that are perfect for big families, thanks to their capacity that can range from 4-16 cups of rice. Many conventional rice cookers with this capacity have a big bulky build. But what sets Hamilton Beach models apart is a sleek design and exterior plus a bunch of useful features that come with this big capacity.

For this review, let’s take a closer look at the Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review, which, by the way, we named as the best overall Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker in our complete brand guide

About the Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker


Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker

ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Model Name16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker
Model Number37547
Dimensions11.81 x 11.81 x 7.87 in.
Weight1.1 lb.
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)8 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)16 cups
Product AccessoriesRice Rinser/ Steam Basket
Measuring Cup
Rice Spoon

The Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a versatile, large-capacity rice cooker with a host of innovative functions and features that change the game when it comes to rice cooking.

One feature you don’t regularly see in digital rice cookers is the ability to sauté and cook rice at the same time — a versatile sauté function allows you to sauté ingredients prior to cooking then add your rice grains and cook your rice to result in a very savory meal for your huge family plus guests.

Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker Benefits

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Aside from the Sauté and cook function, there are a lot of other seemingly simple additions that come together to make this Hamilton Beach rice cooker worth your investment. Let’s dive deeper into its features:

Lid Rest and Lid Latch Strap

This rice cooker comes with a detachable, tempered glass lid. But unlike with other rice cookers where you have to hold the lid while scooping up your rice (or lay it down on another surface), you can simply use the lid rest in this Hamilton Beach cooker to position the lid behind the appliance and enjoy hands-free serving.

In case you need to transport your rice cooker, you can also make use of the unique Lid Latch strap that keeps the lid intact and safe during transport.

Versatile, One-Touch Settings

Every single function in this rice cooker can be navigated with a single touch. The buttons are neatly positioned in front of the cooker via a digital display. So whether you need to cook white rice, whole grains, sauté, steam, or warm, all it takes is a push of button.

Easy to Clean

This rice cooker makes every step of the cooking cycle as easy as possible. It comes with a steam tray you can use to cook your viand simultaneously with your rice – but this also doubles as a rice washer you can use to rinse your grains before cooking.

Even your cleanup after cooking is a breeze. Every part of this Hamilton Beach rice cooker is dishwasher safe. So you can simply toss everything in your dishwasher after dinner, saving you significant energy and time.

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach 16-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

✔️ Large capacity
✔️ Lid rest and lid latch strap unseen in any other rice cooker model
✔️ Doubles as a food steamer
✔️ Budget-friendly
✖️ Lack of innovative functions and features
✖️ Lack of menu selections to cook different types of rice

What People Are Saying About It

For less than $25, you can get an easy-to-use and innovative rice cooker with a 16 cup capacity! It’s definitely worth your investment, especially if you have a big family!

“It’s a very nice rice cooker for the price. I’ve been using it for 4 months now and it works like a charm and has different settings for different things which is something I really like and find very useful. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Vilma A.

Where to Buy the Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker


Hamilton Beach 16-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

The Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker is a great investment and an ideal cooker to help you cook big meals for your big family with ease and convenience. Check the best prices on Amazon today.

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The Hamilton Beach 16 Cup Digital Rice Cooker is quite cheap with its host of features and large capacity. For less than $25, you can cook an entire meal for your family in a short amount of time and with the help of features that make the cooking cycle more convenient and enjoyable.

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