Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker Review


If you look at Cuckoo rice cookers, immediately you will notice that all of them look high-end and sophisticated. That is one of the many strengths that the brand has — manufacturing elegant and high-tech rice cookers suited for many purposes.

One Cuckoo rice cooker with leading-edge technology is the Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker. It has a bunch of different high-end functions and features that surely make it worth your investment.

About the Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker


Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

Model Name8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker
Model NumberCMC-QSB501S
Dimensions15.50 x 12 x 11 in.
Weight16.5 lb.
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)5 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)10 cups
Product AccessoriesCooking bowl
Rice Spatula
Rice Measuring Cup

You’re going to stand in awe of all the functions and features that one of the best Cuckoo rice cookers has in store — not to mention leading-edge technologies that make the cooking experience more pleasant and safe.

This cooker belongs to the ICOOK Q5 series of rice cookers that all have the same motto: “I cook, you rest.” And that’s exactly what these rice cookers can do for you with all their advanced features. You can leave the cooking to them!

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in1 Premium Multi-cooker Benefits


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Let’s take a look at the innovative features of the 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker.

8 Appliances in 1

The main selling point of this  ICOOK Q5 rice cooker is its capacity to function as 8 different kitchen appliances to cooking multiple recipes. With this kitchen companion, you don’t need anything else as it can function as a:

  • pressure cooker
  • slow cooker
  • rice cooker
  • fryer/ sauté
  • steamer
  • food warmer
  • yoghurt maker
  • soup maker

Cook a perfectly cooked meal in a variety of different styles!

Smart Voice Guide

The Cuckoo 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker has a built-in Smart Voice Guide which is available in many different languages! This is designed to make the cooking experience more convenient and intuitive for users anywhere around the world. 

14 Safety Features

The 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker can handle the cooking cycle for you. You just have to set it and wait for your rice to cook, without any additional fuss. 

You don’t even have to worry about safety because there are 14 safety features in place. It’s also equipped with Cuckoo’s patented technology that quietly discharges the steam through 8 steam walls — making for a silent and safe steam release when cooking.

Easy Cleaning

Talk about making the cooking experience easy! The 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker even does the cleaning for you! It’s equipped with self-cleaning steam vents which allow you to sanitize the interior with a push of a button. 

Strong jets of steam are released inside in order to clean the entire cooker. And if you want to sanitize the parts more intently, the cover is easily detachable and along with the inner pot, are made with high-quality stainless steel that can endure high temperature, pressure, and steam. 

Pros and Cons of the Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

✔️ 8 appliances in 1
✔️ Safety features
✔️ Self-cleaning
✖️ May not be best for beginners

What People Are Saying About It

There are so many features in the 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker, and the best part is that they’re all aimed at making the cooking experience easier and more enjoyable for you. 

“Enjoy cooking a wide range of dishes in a multi-cooker that comes with preset options and many functions for cooking. Cooking becomes effortless with this kind of pressure cooker. Cook any delish dish within a few minutes and enjoy time with your family and friends.”
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Where to Buy the Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

productCuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

The Cuckoo 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker ranks at #29 in Amazon’s Electric Pressure Cookers Category. If you want this highly innovative appliance for your kitchen countertop, check the best prices on Amazon today. 

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S 8-in-1 Premium Multi-cooker

You won’t need any other kitchen appliances because this one serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, fryer/sauté, steamer, food warmer, yoghurt maker, and soup maker. A smart voice guide, self-cleaning steam vents, 14 safety features, and Cuckoo’s patented technology that silently discharges steam through 8 steam walls are also included in this Cuckoo unit to make cooking more practical and seamless. Simply amazing!