Daawat Basmati Rice Celebrates World Biryani Day by Launching a 360-Degree Digital Campaign


Daawat Basmati Rice, the flagship brand of consumer food company LT Foods, has created a unique occasion across the world by celebrating World Biryani Day. Meant to be celebrated on every 1st Sunday of every July, Daawat aims to provide the opportunity for all Biryani lovers to express their adoration for the dish by enjoying Biryani with their friends and family in their own ways.

Daawat Basmati Rice was inspired to coin “World Biryani Day” as many popular dishes from many cuisines across the globe have their own dedicated day.

To create awareness of World Biryani Day, Daawat Basmati Rice launched an extensive 360-degree multi-country digital campaign supported by television, digital, and radio marketing. There are also outdoor and influencer marketing initiatives on national and regional levels, all of which will culminate with on-ground events.

Ritesh Arora, CEO of India & Far East Market, LT Foods Ltd., said, “Biryani is more than a product, it is a celebration of being together. The love for Biryani is truly universal cutting across countries & cultures, transcending all age groups. As one of the leading Global Basmati Rice brands, Daawat believes Biryani should have a special day, an occasion to celebrate this delectable iconic dish, an appetite for which can almost never be satiated. LT Foods is committed to facilitating consumers in celebrating World Biryani Day with its flagship variant Daawat Biryani and the recently launched Daawat Biryani Kit.”

Daawat Basmati Rice is available across 60 countries. Daawat has recently launched a Biryani Kit in three distinct variants: Hyderabadi, Kolkata, and Lucknow.