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Cuckoo Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-LHTR0609F Review


South Korean brand Cuckoo is well-known for its quality rice cookers that offer modern designs, multi-functionality, and absolutely convenience.

One of the brand’s premium devices is the Cuckoo Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-LHTR0609F. Just as its name says, this cooker has the interesting function of twin pressure cooking, letting any user switch between two heating modes to cook any dish to their preference. Want to hear more about this cooker? Have a look at our review!



Cuckoo Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-LHTR0609F

Model NameInduction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer
Model NumberCRP-LHTR0609F
Dimensions20.1 x 15.2 x 13.5 inches
Weight15.4 lbs.
Capacity 6 cups (uncooked)
12 cups (cooked)
Accessories Measuring Cup
Cleaning Pin
Steam Plate
User Manual

If style is in your vocabulary, then you’d definitely want to have the CRP-LHTR0609F in your kitchen. It offers a simple yet modern design, adding a touch of premium and minimalist look to compliment any kitchen. Apart from its looks, this cooker has several benefits to it. Check them out. 



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Cuckoo offers the CRP-LHTR0609F to consumers with a promise of quality, innovation, and convenience. Apart from its capability to yield 6 cups of rice (uncooked), here are some more of its highlights:

Twin Pressure Cooking

Preparing and cooking rice is made easy thanks to the CRP-LHTR0609F’s twin pressure cooking technology. This technology allows you to choose between ultra-high heating pressure or induction heating non-pressure cooking in one device. 

You can make your meals the way you like them best without having to switch between two different appliances. The ultra high pressure cooking mode allows you to have sticky and chewy rice texture, while the IH non-pressure mode gives you moist and flavorful rice.

Versatile Menu Options

The CRP-LHTR0609F handles rice effortlessly. Use this cooker to make:

  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • GABA Rice
  • Multi-grain Rice
  • Brown GABA Rice

And more! You can be sure that this device will deliver restaurant-quality, fluffy rice every time. Moreover, thanks to its twin pressure cooking, the CRP-LHTR0609F is also capable of dishes such as:

And so on! With this cooker and its 16+ menu options, life in the kitchen just got easier!

Made With Premium Materials

Cuckoo doesn’t skimp on the materials of all their appliances. Each device is made with the utmost high-quality components to ensure that they durable and up to standard. The CRP-LHTR0609F is no exception to that. 

This cooker is made of stainless steel, inside and out. It also has a dual motion cover packing that prevents steam from leaking, maintaining the soft and delicious flavor of rice for a long time even when warming. 

This device also has an eco stainless curved inner pot, allowing the strong heat convection to ensure that each grain has a delicious taste. The pot also has an XWall Black Shine Coating, making it resistant to high heat, high pressure, and salt. 

Add to that, the cooker has a one-touch detachable lid that can be removed at ease, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

User-Friendly Programming

Cuckoo has made certain that while their appliances are technologically innovative, all of them are uncomplicated and easy to use! The CRP-LHTR0609F has a one-touch function menu that you can conveniently use. 

Another highlight of this cooker is its open cooking function that allows you to add ingredients while the food is still cooking. This function is very helpful for dishes such as herbal rice, porridge, radish soup, and baby food. 

Pros and Cons

✔️ Yields 6 cups (uncooked)
✔️ Twin Pressure Cooking Technology
✔️ Versatile cooker
✔️ One-touch LED panel
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not for small kitchen counters
✖️ Heavy

What People Are Saying About It

The Cuckoo CRP-LHTR0609F has everything you need and more in a multi-functional cooker. It’s easy to use, it’s absolutely efficient, and adds a dash of style to any kitchen counter. Consider this cooker if you’d like to incorporate versatility in your home cooking experience.

“The Cuckoo CRP-LHTR0609F rice cooker gets high marks for its overall design, safety and performance as a high quality rice cooker.”

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Cuckoo Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-LHTR0609F

Ready to add the Cuckoo CRP-LHTR0609F to your home? Hop on over to Amazon to check the best deals and prices!

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The ability to switch between two heating modes in one cooker is definitely a great benefit to have. Moreover, the open cooking function and the one-touch programming are also quite enticing. This cooker may have an expensive price tag but if your budget permits, do consider getting one.

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