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Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker Review


Modern rice cookers have perfected the art of cooking rice. No longer do people have to spend time on their feet, watching their pot on the stove, unsure whether their rice will cook right or become a failure. With a modern rice cooker such as the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F, all one has to do is select a cooking preset, press the button, and let the cooker do its magic. Don’t believe us? Read our take on this rice cooker below!

About the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

Model NameCuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker
Model NumberCRP-N0681F
Product Dimensions12 (H) x 17 (L) x 13 (W) inches
Weight12 lbs.
Capacity6 cups (uncooked) / 12 cups (cooked)
Product AccessoriesRice spatula, rice measuring cup

Coming in a gorgeous red and white color scheme with a sleek modern design, the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F is a compact yet highly capable cooker. Paired with its stylish build is an intelligent cooking algorithm that ensures you’ll get delicious rice every single time. Not only can it cook rice, but it’s also great for cooking various meals as well. Have a look at its best features in the next section!

Benefits of Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

A reliable rice cooker is a must-have for any household that consumes rice daily. Check out the qualities that make the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F a dependable kitchen companion:


Cooking a meal for the family doesn’t have to be a tiring affair! With the 12 cook functions equipped in the CRP-N0681F, you won’t find it a hassle to whip up dishes every day. White rice, glutinous rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, GABA rice — any type of rice, this cooker can handle it all.

This cooker is also capable of cooking porridge, beans, and even baby food! Press the corresponding cooking preset and you’ll have your meals quickly.

Xwall Marble Interior Inner Pot

The inner pot of the CRP-N0681F rice cooker is made with aluminum, helping conduct heat at a fast and efficient rate and making it a suitable choice for cooking. It also has an Xwall marble coating, ensuring optimal temperature and heat distribution through the cooking process. The nonstick nature of this coating also ensures that the inner pot is highly durable and will withstand all the pressure for a long time.

Dual-Flow Soft Steam Cap

Safety is one of Cuckoo’s priorities when designing rice cookers. The brand has equipped the CRP-N0681F with a Dual-Flow Soft Steam Cap that quietly directs steam with a consistent flow. It also automatically releases pressure softly, giving any user a safe and convenient cooking experience.

The cooker also has an auto steam cleaning function, helping keep your cooker clean without you exerting effort.

Voice Guide

The CRP-N0681F can be your best kitchen companion thanks to its voice navigation function. Featured in English, Korean, and Chinese, the CRP-N0681F’s voice guide will act as your personal kitchen assistant as it cooks and you can just relax and wait for your meal to be done.

Pros and Cons of the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

✔️ Comes in two colors
✔️ Comes in two sizes
✔️ Smart Jog Dial for easy navigation
✔️ Voice navigation function in English, Korean, and Chinese
✔️ Triple-layer rubber packing system
✔️ 7 rice cooking presets
✖️ Expensive

What People Are Saying About It

Known for products with superior quality, Cuckoo has perfected the art of cooking rice with their cookers, including the CRP-N0681F. Here’s what others have to say about this gem of a kitchen appliance:

“The Cuckoo CRP-N0681F is a solid high-tech machine with a wealth of features that makes excellent rice, whether jasmine, brown, or sticky. The Cuckoo brand is reputable so you know you’re in safe hands.”

Ronan M. – Thai Food Paradise

Where to Buy the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

If a cooker with multiple cooking presets, voice navigation, and a sleek design is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F. To get this cooker in your household, hop on over to Amazon and snag the best deals and prices.

Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

Don’t let the size of the Cuckoo CRP-N0681F fool you. It may be compact, but this cooker can handle 12 servings of perfectly cooked rice, allowing every person in the household to enjoy warm, fluffy rice.

Its 12 cooking presets ensure that you won’t have any difficulties cooking rice no matter the type. Enjoy white rice today, brown rice tomorrow, make sushi rice, use it for glutinous rice, or even make porridge with it! This cooker is straightforward and easy to use too.

Best of all, it comes with a voice navigation function and an auto steam cleaning feature, making time in the kitchen less of a hassle.



Cuckoo is an expert in rice cooking with over 40 years of experience under its belt. The brand's CRP-N0681F is a compact cooker that's highly capable of making 12 cups of cooked rice, ideal for small to medium households. Modern-looking and stylish, the cooker also has a variety of cooking presets and even comes with voice navigation. Its premium price tag may put a serious dent in your pocket though.

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