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Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker Review


A rice cooker is a convenient appliance that allows you to cook perfect rice without doing much, and having one in your kitchen can help ease your cooking worries. However, owning a large unit can be a waste if you’re not really up for cooking large quantities of rice every day.

If you want a straightforward rice cooker that has all you need but in a small, portable size, then check out the Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker. Whether you’re an individual living alone in a dorm or a small household that only eats rice occasionally, this unit is an ideal addition to your culinary tools. Read below to learn the details.

About the Cuckoo CR-0331


Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Model NameElectric Warmer Rice Cooker
Model Number


Dimensions10 x 10 x 9 inches
Weight4.8 pounds
Capacity 3 cups (uncooked)
6 cups (cooked)
Accessories Rice Scooper
Rice Measuring Cup

The CR-0331 has a 3-cup capacity that is suitable for a single individual living alone or a small household of up to three people. It’s also ideal for a medium-sized family that isn’t partial to plain rice but still enjoys recipes with rice during mealtimes. Due to its small size, the unit can be placed on small countertops or even in a makeshift kitchen.

Benefits of the Cuckoo CR-0331

productCuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Aside from its design, the Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker offers several other features that make it ideal for your household.

Portable Build

With its small build, the CR-0331 makes it easy for you to carry in case you need to cook rice outside your home. There’s also no need to fuss about counter space; you can set it on a small table if you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm room or even put it away after use.

Easy Maintenance

The CR-0331 comes with a detachable inner lid you can easily remove, making it simple for you to thoroughly clean and sanitize your cooker once every few days to prevent mold. The nonstick coating of the inner pot also helps inhibit bacterial growth by preventing leftover rice from sticking to the insides of the pot.

The unit also comes with a water drainage dish. If you used rice cookers before, you’ve probably seen starchy rice water bubbling out and causing a mess too many times. This drainage dish collects all the excess steam and prevents starchy water from leaking out of the cooker as the rice boils.


A rice cooker is extremely versatile in terms of recipes you can cook in it, and models with various functions and modes are even more effective in creating quick and quality meals. However, all of these are unnecessary if you only want to cook plain rice and the occasional rice cooker cake or stew.

The CR-0331 shines in its simplicity with its one power lever. You only need to plug it in and press it once; no need for other button inputs. Once the lever has switched to the “keep warm” mode, you can remove the plug or keep it in that mode to make your rice last longer.

Consistent Heating

Despite its simplicity, the CR-0331 can cook rice grains with exceptional taste and texture. This is attributed to the 3d heating technology of the unit. The CR-033 evenly heats the inner pot on all sides, consistently cooking the grains during the cooking cycle.

This consistent heating is also why rice kept in the “keep warm” mode can last long. The unit maintains a steady temperature, warm enough to prevent bacterial growth but not too hot that it burns the rice. This feature allows you to cook rice that can last from breakfast until dinner.

Pros and Cons of the Cuckoo CR-0331

✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Portable
✔️ 3d Heating Technology
✔️ Simple Power Lever
✖️ Not ideal for medium to large households
✖️ Slightly expensive for its size
✖️ White parts of the cooker can turn yellowish

What People Are Saying About It

The CR-0331 is a straightforward cooker that makes perfectly cooked rice every time. It can keep rice at high quality for up to two days in the Keep Warm setting without the rice drying out. However, it costs slightly more than other cookers of the same size, but it is well worth the investment in terms of its overall quality.

“I have been using another, less expensive, brand of rice cooker for years and years. I decided to splurge on the Cuckoo this time and am now a huge fan and will never use another brand again. So easy to use, cooks up fast, it cleans up easily, and is cute to look at…what could be better? The rice turns out perfect every single time. Do yourself a favor and buy this rice cooker!”


Where to Buy the Cuckoo CR-0331

productCuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Need to add the Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker to your shopping list? You can check out Amazon for the best deals and prices!

Want a unit with induction heating or pressure cooking technology? You can read through our rice cooker guides and reviews to learn more and to find which unit best fits you! Or check out our full guide on the best Cuckoo rice cookers.

Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker

Want a convenient rice cooker? Then the Cuckoo CR-0331 Rice Cooker is the one for you as it is user-friendly with its straightforward design. This portable rice cooker also has a “keep warm” feature that will last for hours and an easy-maintenance build for that hassle-free cleaning.



Ideal for small families or for individuals living in dorms, the CR-0331 offers the functionality of a high-quality cooker without the extra features. Price is slightly on the costly side, but in terms of its overall functionality, the price is worth your investment.

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