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Cuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW Review


While rice cookers are generally great at making rice, some models produce greater results than others. This is because some cookers have pressure cooking technology, which allows the unit to cook food in a sealed high heat environment. However, not all types of rice need to be pressure-cooked. White rice, for example, can be cooked just fine in a non-pressure rice cooker.

If you’re thinking of buying a new cooker but are stuck between wanting a conventional unit or a high-pressure unit, then check out the Cuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW. Its twin pressures, multiple menu options, and excellent build might be just what you need to make your kitchen work hassle-free. Read on below to learn more.


productCuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW

Model Name

6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer

Model Number


Dimensions10.39 x 14.01 x 10.59 inches
Weight12.57 pounds
Capacity  6 cups (uncooked)
12 cups (cooked)
Accessories Measuring Cup
Rice Scoop

The curved design and metallic finish right at the lid of the CRP-RT0609FW make it a great addition to any stylish kitchen. If you’re living alone and have visitors often, its 6-cup capacity provides just enough servings to satisfy your guests. 


productCuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW

Aside from its beautiful design and ideal 6-cup capacity, the CRP-RT0609FW has several other functions that make can help make cooking a less stressful experience.

Twin Pressure Technology

The twin pressure knob located at the top of CRP-RT0609FW allows you to choose which pressure you’d like to cook your food with. Want to try a complex beef stew recipe for dinner? Simply turn the knob to “high pressure” and you’ll enjoy a deliciously well-cooked meal with little to less fuss.

If you want to enjoy a simpler meal or you just need your daily fix of white rice, you can switch the knob to “no pressure”. It’s as easy as that!


Rice cookers are generally versatile. However, with the addition of twin pressure, the CRP-RT0609FW offers you more options in terms of cooking. Aside from other grains of rice like GABA, sushi, and wild rice, this unit can also cook:

  • baby food
  • cakes
  • bread
  • soups
  • stew
  • scorched rice
  • porridge
  • rice dishes
  • and many more!

With its multi-functionality, you can test your culinary skills as much as you want without having to worry about burning your kitchen down.

High Quality Cooking

The CRP-RT0609FW uses an intelligent cooking algorithm that leaves you with perfectly cooked rice every time. It works by automatically adjusting the heat of the unit throughout the cooking process.

The unit also features functions that let you cook specific types of food like porridge and scorched rice with a simple touch of a button. Just add the necessary ingredients to the inner pot, close the cooker, touch a menu option, and the cooker does all the rest. With its overall build and superior cooking technology, you’ll have high-quality meals in no time. 

Durable Inner Pot

Lined with Xwall diamond coating, the CRP-RT0609FW’s inner pot is built to withstand both non-pressure and high-pressure cooking. Its nonstick surface lets you scoop the rice out with ease and can make clean-ups easier after you’re done using the unit.

Easy to Clean

Speaking of easy cleanups, the CRP-RT0609FW features an Auto Steam Clean function that allows you to clean the entire interior of your unit with ease.

As you know, grime and bacteria buildup spoils food faster, and you can prevent that by simply pressing a button. The unit then uses a jet of steam to fully sanitize and deodorize the inner pot, making it completely safe for your next cooking session.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Twin Pressure knob
✔️ Smart Cooking Algorithm
✔️ Auto Steam Clean function
✔️ Durable inner pot
✖️ Not for large families
✖️ Slightly expensive

What People Are Saying About It

The twin pressures and overall functionality of the CRP-RT0609FW provide its users excellently cooked rice and dishes with relative ease. Its great design is an additional perk, as well as its durable inner pot lined with diamond coating.

“I have used so many rice cookers in the past and this one is the BEST. It is SOOOO pretty- white with rose gold rim. The inner pot is diamond steel kind that doesn’t scrape off like the ones in my old cookers. If you want to get a cooker, this is the ONE.”

Julia Choi
Rice Cooker Advice

Where to Buy

productCuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW

Thinking of gracing your sleek countertops with the Cuckoo 6-Cup Twin Pressure Plate Rice Cooker & Warmer CRP-RT0609FW? Get the best deals and prices right on Amazon!

Need something a little bigger? Check our rice cooker reviews and guides to see which unit might suit your needs.


Hailing from California, USA. Ji-hyun is a Korean American 🇰🇷🇺🇸 with two growing boys who eat their weight in rice each week. After graduating UCLA & becoming a mom she started We Know Rice as a guide for all the students and moms out there looking to cook healthy and filling meals.

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