Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503 Review


Are you a food business owner looking to improve the quality of your rice? Or do you simply require a large-scale and heavy-duty kitchen appliance for your residence? No matter your needs, top brand Cuchen has something for you.

The Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503 is geared for commercial use, as evidenced by its 35-person serving capacity. But is it also fit for home use? Let’s get to know this electrical rice cooker here.

About the Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503


Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

Model NameMechanical Rice Cooker
Model NumberWM-3503
Dimensions18.8 x 15.7 x 17.4 inches
Weight23 lbs.
Capacity 10 cups
Accessories Measuring Cup

This utilitarian-looking device is as functional as it appears, and for those who require large-scale rice cooking for their restaurant or residence, this model might be the answer.

Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503 Benefits


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A 35-cup capacity rice cooker might seem like too much, but this impressive machine has a world of benefits for anyone and everyone. Let’s see how Cuchen designed its features here.

Energy Saving Technology

One concern with a rice cooker as high-powered as this is energy consumption. It goes that if you’re using large amounts of heat to create almost 40 cups of rice, you’re most likely going to be using up huge chunks of energy, resulting in more power fees. But Cuchen knows this, and it has incorporated efficient heating and cooling technology to save energy even when you’re using this rice cooker to its fullest capacity.

Restaurant-Quality Rice

Designed specifically for commercial use, this rice cooker packs a punch when it comes to both quantity and quality. Not only can you serve 35 people in a single cycle, but you’re also serving them some of the best quality rice there is. The stainless steel exterior allows for better heat distribution, making sure each grain is cooked just right. 

Likewise, the large inner pot can be used to cook not just rice or fried rice, but different kinds of food too. Try baking a cake or creating oatmeal in this large inner bowl!

Premium Quality Materials

Cuchen doesn’t skimp on premium materials, especially in a rice cooker that is geared for commercial use, making it all the more imperative to employ only the most long-lasting components.

With this Cuchen model, you’ve ensured a reliable and capable rice cooker that won’t break down on you mid-use or without warning. While it doesn’t have the same digital functions as more advanced models, this rice cooker can do what it does best.

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

✔️ 35-cup capacity
✔️ Single-touch operation
✔️ Great for commercial use
✔️ Makes restaurant-quality rice
✔️ Versatile cooker
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not ideal for home use

What People Are Saying About It

A reliable kitchen appliance is what you’ll find in the Cuchen WM-3503. While better for commercial use, large households or residences can find a great use for this heavy-duty rice cooker.

“For making large batches of rice at a time, I find that this one-touch Cuchen model works best because it’s fuss-free and quick to use.”

Where to Buy the Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503


Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

Ready to get one of these for yourself? Purchase this Cuchen rice cooker straight from Amazon for the best deals and prices!

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Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

Cuchen Mechanical Rice Cooker WM-3503

The Cuchen WM-3503 is a solid piece of commercial kitchen equipment with a 35-cup serving capacity. Although this robust rice cooker is better suited for industrial use, it can still be quite useful in large homes or households.

It offers energy-saving heating and cooling technologies. The sizable inner pot can be used to prepare a variety of foods in addition to rice including oatmeal and cakes. With great value for the money, you can be sure to get a dependable kitchen item.