Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer Review


Cooking rice sounds very simple: all one has to do is put water and uncooked rice grains together over heat, and ta-da, you have cooked rice! Despite sounding like an easy process, there’s so much more to cooking rice than just combining things together and steaming them. Getting the perfect texture is an art that many have yet to master, and having inconsistent results every day can be a pain, especially if you consume rice daily.

A rice cooker like the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer can take all those rice cooking troubles away and you won’t even have to exert a lot of effort! This rice cooker can produce rice that’s warm and fluffy, and all you have to do is put the ingredients in it and press a button. Interested to know more? Scroll on for our full review!

About the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer

Model NameCuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer
Model NumberCRT-PQWK0340WUS
Product Dimensions330 x 260 x 250mm
Weight15 lbs
Capacity3 cups
Product AccessoriesRice spatula, rice measuring cup

Do you live alone, or maybe you have a roommate or partner, or have a small household? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, chances are you wouldn’t want a large rice cooker and you only want something enough for your family of one or three. The Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS is a small appliance with a 3-cup capacity, perfect for singles or small families who want to have a versatile companion in the kitchen.

Benefits of Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer

Cuchen always ensures that it only offers the best products to customers. Check out the features of the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer:

Minimalistic Design

The Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS has a minimalist, luxurious design that can turn any kitchen into an elegant one. Its entire exterior is pristine white, with a silver steel open lever and a sizeable graphic touchscreen FND display. One wouldn’t think that this is a rice cooker based on its looks alone. The cooker also has a silent steam cap up top, hidden inner pot handles on the sides, and a large-capacity water tray on the back.

Thermo Guard Technology

Keeping rice at a consistent temperature and ensuring all grains cook properly can be difficult when cooking rice over the stove. A rice cooker like the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS can make this task much easier as it automatically takes note of the amount of rice and water in the pot, adjusting the cooking time and temperature according to the measurement. It also has Thermo Guard Technology, enhancing insulation and retaining inner heat while blocking the outer cold.

Numerous Cooking Presets

Many people these days want an all-in-one device to save effort, time, and counter space. The Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS comes with a variety of cooking presets, delivering rice and other meals in an effortless and timely fashion. It’s equipped with 10 menu options for rice, including Sticky Rice, Less Sticky White Rice, Mixed Grain Rice, Healthy Bean Rice, Brown Rice, Frozen White Rice, Rapid White Rice, and more.

It also has dedicated cooking presets for steaming food, cooking stews, and pressure induction heating, and can even cook frozen food and have it come out in its ideal taste and texture.

Voice Navigation Function

Cuchen is a brand that has always been at the forefront of innovation by including voice navigation functions in their rice cookers. The Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS utilizes voice navigation in three languages, namely Korean, Chinese, and English. Aside from having three languages, the rice cooker’s voice function also has 8 levels of adjustment.

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer

✔️ 3-cup capacity
✔️ 10 rice cooking presets and various menu functions
✔️ Thermo Guard Technology
✔️ Voice navigation in 3 languages
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Can be quite heavy

What People Are Saying About It

If you eat rice daily, cook with various types of rice, and live life on the go, then a Cuchen rice cooker is something that you should look into. The Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer features advanced functionality that ensures efficient and convenient operation in the kitchen, especially if you live alone or if you have a small household.

“This mini rice cooker can provide meals for a small, 3-person household. Even someone like me who doesn’t know anything in the kitchen can cook delicious rice with the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker.”

Kuri K. – Goghism

Where to Buy the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer

Elevate your kitchen with the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer! To purchase this cooker, make your way over to Amazon and get the best deals and prices.

Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer

A rice cooker can be a no-frills, basic appliance that only needs to do its namesake: cook rice. But also, with the ever-changing lifestyle of many individuals, an appliance that can do more than its basic job description is becoming the go-to of a lot of people.

Multi-cookers like the Cuchen CRT-PQWK0340WUS Rice Cooker and Warmer can be a big help for those seeking convenience in the kitchen.

This rice cooker has Thermo Guard Technology, ensuring that no water, dust, or cold temperature can penetrate the rice cooker’s interiors. It also optimizes the temperature of the cooker, ensuring that rice comes out perfectly every time.

The CRT-PQWK0340WUS offers 10 rice cooking presets and comes with several menu options, including cooking frozen rice and frozen food without sacrificing taste, texture, and quality.