CHEF iQ Smart Pressure Cooker Review


When it comes to multi-use pressure cookers, most people think of an Instant Pot first. After all, the Instant Pot is a highly recognizable appliance that can help anyone make almost anything in the kitchen. While Instant Pot seems to be the most popular pressure cooker around, there are other brands that can be a great help in the kitchen, and some of them have taken a smart approach to cooking.

One pressure cooker that comes with a host of smart features is the CHEF iQ Smart Pressure Cooker. It’s equipped with a built-in scale, has a lot of pre-set functions, and has a companion smartphone app. Learn more about the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker in this review!

About the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker

ManufacturerCHEF iQ
Model NameSmart Pressure Cooker
Product Dimensions13″D x 13″W x 13″H
Weight10.4 pounds
Capacity6 quarts
Product AccessoriesCooking rack, steam basket, silicone lid, sealing ring

Smart devices are all the rage these days because their features and functions make everyone’s lives a little easier. A number of kitchen devices now come with smart features too, and one of them is the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker

Different from other pressure cookers, the CHEF iQ has a very sleek, all-black modern design that will suit any kitchen interior. It’s equipped with a bright touchscreen control panel that starts with the basic settings such as Pressure Cook Mode, Steaming, Slow Cook, and the like and evolves into more specific options as you go along. 

Will this be the cooker of your dreams? Check out its features below!

Is CHEF iQ a Good Brand?

CHEF iQ only has one cooker in its lineup, which is the Smart Cooker, but it is considered a good brand because its products are made with premium quality materials and are equipped with innovative technology.

Where Is CHEF iQ Made?

CHEF iQ products are designed and developed in the USA until they meet the highest standards of functionality and convenience. From there, the pressure cookers are manufactured abroad and imported to one of the company’s regional warehouses until the products are shipped to the customers.

Can You Use CHEF iQ Without WiFi?

For the initial setup process of the Smart Cooker and to use the Guided Cooking recipes, you will need WiFi. After the initial setup, you can use the Smart Cooker without WiFi.

Benefits of the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker

Dubbed as the world’s smartest pressure cooker, here are the best features of the CHEF iQ cooker:

Versatile Pressure Cooker

Many people these days prefer to have devices or appliances that can do numerous things in one instead of buying multiple gadgets that can only do one thing. Fortunately, the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker can do a whole lot, saving individuals money and space! 

Its primary purpose is to pressure cook, reducing cooking time by up to 70%, and using less energy than traditional methods. Aside from pressure cooking, the CHEF iQ is also capable of slow cooking, steaming, searing/sauteing, and fermenting. Browning meat is also easy to do!

Furthermore, It has more than 300 presets for everything from chicken to beef to pork to pasta and vegetables. The chicken section alone has options for chicken thighs, chicken breasts, wings, and whole. 

Pairs With the CHEF iQ App

Connecting the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker to its companion app will allow you to access 600+ Guided Cooking recipes, culinary how-to-videos, and more! The assortment of recipes includes dishes such as pulled pork, beef stew, spaghetti marinara, and a whole lot of others. You can control and monitor your Smart Pressure Cooker and access the Cooking Calculator as well for precise cooking parameters such as cooking times, pressure level, and release type for every dish.

Additionally, both the app and the cooker can save any cooking instructions generated from the calculator. There’s no need to recalculate every time a dish is on your menu for the day. You won’t have to remember how much water you’ll need to steam broccoli or how long chicken thighs need to cook.

Built-in Scale

One of the best features of the CHEF iQ Pressure Cooker is its built-in scale. The bottom of the cooking pot measures the weight of the ingredients as you add them, letting you know exactly how much liquid or food item you need to cook meals to perfection. You won’t need to bring out a measuring cup at all! 

For example, you can pour in a can of pinto beans and the pressure cooker will tell you how much water you’ll need. You can then weigh the water as you pour it in. Simply close the lid and hit Start to get cooking! The CHEF iQ will set the cooking time, pressure, and even the type of pressure release.

Three Automatic Pressure Release Methods

Speaking of pressure release, the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker comes with three automatic release methods! First is Quick release which rapidly releases all steam, and this is also the most common pressure cooking method. There’s also Pulse, a pressure release method that lets out steam in small bursts, highly recommended for rice or grains. Lastly, there’s the Natural release method, which slowly releases steam, recommended for soups and stews.

Inside the CHEF iQ is a removable silicone gasket that keeps steam inside the device when pressure cooking. A red floating valve can be found on the top of the lid and it will rise as hot steam builds. There is also a removal regulator knob through which pressure is controlled and released.

Includes Various Accessories

The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker includes all the accessories to make cooking in the kitchen easier. It includes a convenient cooking rack, steam basket, silicone lid for the cooking pot, and extra sealing rings in different colors. 

Pros and Cons of the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker

✔️ Comes with the CHEF iQ app that contains guided recipes and a cooking calculator function
✔️ Has more than 300 cooking presets
✔️ Built-in scale
✔️ Pressure regulator knob
✔️ Nonstick pot
✔️ Includes a steamer basket, cooking rack, silicone lid, and more
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Cannot remotely start cooking from app
✖️ Can take up counter space

What People Are Saying About It

The CHEF iQ’s smart technology allows it to automatically measure ingredients by weight and connects to an app, giving you access to numerous guided recipes. The app also automatically calculates the cooking time, pressure level, and release type. 

“The Chef iQ Multifunctional Smart Cooker connects to an app with guided cooking recipes that teach you how to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sear/sauté, and ferment. It stands out from the pack thanks to a built-in scale that allows you to easily measure ingredients and cut down on dishes.”

Angela M. – PC Mag

Where to Buy the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker

Want a kitchen appliance that can make the entire cooking process easier? Well, look no further for the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker is here! Head on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices so that you can start cooking with the CHEF iQ today!

CHEF iQ Smart Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking just became easier with the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker! This very handy smart device can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sautee, and even ferment food.

The companion app to the CHEF iQ gives you access to over 600 guided recipes, ensuring that your daily meals will be easy to make and will never be boring!