Black+Decker RC3406 rice cooker and steamer

Black+Decker RC3406 Rice Cooker and Steamer Review


It’s safe to say that the Black+Decker RC3406 rice cooker model is one of the most reasonably priced rice cookers in the market. Usually sold at a price below $50, it has a set of features that make many users wonder why it’s so cheap. 

But is it priced as such because of the lack of helpful features? Or is the price really questionable considering its impressive functions? Can it compare in terms of quality to other models, like the RC503, in the Black+Decker rice cooker family? You’ll find out in this review. 

About the Black+Decker RC3406

productRC3406: Black+Decker 3 Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer

Model NumberRC3406
Dimensions8.66 x 8.66 x 7.4 in. 
Weight3.25 lb
Max Capacity3 cups (uncooked)
6 cups (cooked)
AccessoriesMeasuring cup
Rice paddle
Plastic steamer basket

Because of its size, the Black+Decker RC3406 is a rice cooker that is ideal for smaller-sized families. That’s because it has a max capacity of 3 cups (uncooked) or 6 cups (cooked). 

If you have a big family or you’re expecting to serve a lot of people, it might be better for you to choose a model with a bigger capacity. You can explore other Black+Decker rice cooker reviews to find the right unit for you. 

The RC3406 is a simple rice cooker perfect for those who want to invest in a cooker for personal use. Its small, yet functional design makes cooking for single-member households an easy experience, eliminating all the confusing and complicated settings and selections.

Benefits of the Black+Decker RC3406

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If you’re wondering how to use this Black+Decker rice cooker and steamer, it’s really very simple. The RC3406 has 2 main functions: cook and keep warm. A simple switch allows you to select the function you need, while an indicator light shows the current setting.  

Although there are no advanced technologies or modern innovations incorporated in this three-cup rice cooker, its beauty is in its simplicity. It’s designed to be completely fool-proof, perfect for busy and simple-living individuals who still want tasty, home-cooked rice every now and then.

Stay Cool Handles

Despite its simplicity, this Black+Decker mini rice cooker is nothing short of functional. It is equipped with a stay-cool lid and side handles allowing for convenient and safe transport and carriage even while the rice is cooking.

Tempered Glass Lid with Steam Vent

The RC3406 is designed with a functional tempered glass lid with a steam vent. The tempered glass lid locks in heat during the cooking cycle for easy, quick, and even cooking. While the steam vent allows steam to be released to prevent over-moistening the rice. It might seem like a simple solution, but this effect delivers nicely-cooked rice as a result while enabling you to keep an eye on the cooking process.

Automatic Keep Warm Mode

The RC3406 has a simple switch that enables you to select between its cook and keep warm functions. In one motion and absent all the complicated buttons, you can easily warm your rice.

Although you can manually switch between the two functions, the RC3406 automatically shifts to Keep Warm mode after the cooking cycle has ended to ensure that your rice stays at the ideal serving temperature.

Easy Cleaning

Its small size is an advantage when it comes to cleaning. Instead of worrying about how to clean a gigantic inner pot, you can wash the RC3406 inner pot with ease. 

This rice cooker also comes with a non-stick bowl that easily releases food, freeing you from the hassle of scrubbing food particles from the pot after use.

Plastic Steamer Basket

If you’re starting to think that the only function of the RC3406 is to cook rice, you’re mistaken. It comes with a plastic steamer basket that you can easily place on top of the inner pot. This basket can hold smaller portions of fish, vegetables, and meat, allowing you to heat them while you cook your rice. 

This one small cooker can cook an entire healthy meal for you in a simple, non-complicated, yet effective manner. That’s why we named it as the best multifunctional Black+Decker rice cooker in our brand guide

Pros and Cons of the Black+Decker RC3406

✔️ Budget-friendly
✔️ Doubles as a food steamer
✔️ One-touch navigation
✖️ Lack of innovative functions and features
✖️ Lack of menu settings

What People Are Saying About It

Some users of the RC3406 express the need for innovation on the model, saying that there should be a selection of menu settings that provide features to cook different types of rice. 

But the Black+Decker RC3406 isn’t for everyone. It was designed specifically for single-member households who want an easy and simplified solution to preparing their home-cooked meals. 

“I use my Black+Decker RC3406 Rice Cooker nearly every day! I am an avid rice eater, and I don’t know how I would do without my rice cooker. It is just the most convenient kitchen appliance ever invented.”


Black+Decker just simplified the way you cook with the RC3406 3-cup rice cooker with a steamer. Without all the bells and whistles of high-tech features, you can enjoy the simplicity and ease of the rice cooking process. It has simple functions but undoubtedly delivers tasty results.

Where to Buy the Black+Decker RC3406

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Simplicity is what makes most Black+Decker rice cookers suitable for daily use. And that’s exactly what many users are looking for — an easy-to-use cooker that saves you from noise and complications during the cooking process. This model found its place in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank, coming in at #202 in the Rice Cookers Category, and #131,004 in Kitchen and Dining. You can find the best deals here.

Black+Decker offers a 2-year limited warranty for its rice cookers. Contact Amazon’s customer support for additional warranty information about the unit.

Black+Decker RC3406 rice cooker and steamer

Black+Decker RC3406

For individuals looking to buy a rice cooker for their own usage, the RC3406 is a straightforward option. By removing all the intricate settings and options, its compact yet effective design makes cooking for one-person households simple. Furthermore, this rice cooker model is unquestionably one of the most cost-effective options available.