Bangkok Tokyo Architecture Proposes Cabin Design Made of Recycled Materials for Thai Rice Farmers


Architectural firm Bangkok Tokyo Architecture has designed a prototype home proposal for rice farmers on a forested hill 40 minutes away from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Referring to the home design proposal as “Hut A,” the house is made up of ready-made and recycled industrial materials.

The house, shaped as a rural, low-cost cabin and self-constructed by the area’s inhabitants, has a budget of less than USD 3,000. This is due to the locals and their affinity to build their own homes using readily available materials. 

In Bangkok Tokyo Architecture’s design, “Hut A” has a large gable roof and an elevated bedroom. It also has a storage for farming tools, supplies, and small machinery. The thin walls can be opened up and turned into large windows that overlook rice paddies located about 100 meters away. 

The raised flooring can be used as an outdoor dining area, kitchen, storage, and living room. There are also gaps above the wall and underneath the floor for natural ventilation and cooling.

For more photos, visit Bangkok Tokyo Architecture’s website.