Agriculture Office Encourages Black Rice Farming

Agro Office in India Promotes Black Rice Farming


The zonal agricultural department of Saligao, in India, has decided to introduce the black rice variety to Goan farmers, who can successfully cultivate this variety and possibly get a high rice yield compared to previously planted rice types.

Black rice farming can produce a harvest of up to 15 kgs of black rice by planting 7 to 8 kgs of seeds on an acre of land. This decision is made to reduce the dependence on common Indian rice varieties.

Black Rice Farming

As a method of encouraging farmers to cultivate new rice varieties, the zonal agricultural office has started cultivating a black rice variety on its farm in Duler-Mapusa.

There, 2 kg of black rice seed were seeded on a 2,000-square-meter plot using the system of rice intensification (SRI) technique, which is an agro-ecological methodology for increasing irrigated rice output through modifications in soil, water, and nutrient management.

Assistant agricultural officer Rudresh Kambli is cultivating the black rice variety in Duler under the supervision of zonal agriculture officer Sampati Dhargalkar.