The Absolute Best Japanese Rice Brand


Rice is a staple meal for Japanese families and there are so many Japanese rice brands today that you can buy all types of premium rice from for your favorite Japanese dishes. 

Whether you’re looking for the best Japanese sushi rice brand for making sushi rolls, the best glutinous rice for making mochi rice cakes, or just the best kind of Japanese rice brands for your everyday meals, there are so many authentic Japanese rice brands for you to choose from. No matter what rice varieties you’re looking for, there is sure to be a Japanese rice brand that sells the best. 

These are some of the best Japanese rice brands to buy quality rice from.

What Kind of Rice is Best for Japanese Food?

Japanese short-grain rice and medium-grain rice, whether it is white rice or brown rice, are the preferred rice varieties for Japanese cuisine and are what most of the best Japanese rice brands specialize in growing.

When it comes to cooking Japanese rice, the stickiness of Japanese short-grain rice is essential as it holds its shape when formed into balls with rice vinegar or dipped in soy sauce. 

Long-grain rice like Basmati and Jasmine rice, while suitable for South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine and other dishes, is least suitable given the drier and separated texture of its cooked rice.

Which is the Best Japanese Rice Brand?

Koshihikari Rice

Considered by most to be one of the best Japanese rice brands producing sushi rice today, Koshihikari Rice is perhaps the most recognizable and is the first rice brand that comes to the minds of most Japanese locals when they are considering the best medium-grain rice for sushi rice. 

The Koshihikari Rice brand is best known for its short-grain white rice production’s flexibility, sweet aroma, delicate flavor, stickiness, and how easy it is to cook. It can be steamed or cooked with a rice cooker and comes out very fluffy, sticky, and light, making it the perfect choice for making sushi, rice balls, mochi rice cakes, and even just to eat with regular meals.

Akitakomachi Rice

This premium short-grain rice brand is known for its sweet flavor, stickiness, and its ability to retain size and shape when cooked. Akitakomachi sticky rice has a very distinct taste and very small rice grains. This is one of the best Japanese rice brands for making sushi, onigiri rice balls, or eaten alone as regular rice with other Japanese dishes.

Tamanishiki Super Premium Short-Grain Rice

Tamanishiki Super Premium Short-Grain Rice is one of the top sushi rice brands and produces a mix of Koshihikari rice and Yumegokochi rice, offering short-grain rice that has a fantastic texture and flavor. The short-grain white rice becomes sticky when cooked, making it perfect for making sushi and easy to eat with chopsticks.

Hitomebore Japanese Rice

Hitomebore Japanese Rice is a super premium short-grain Japanese rice brand. Their Japanese rice has a glossy, smooth, and slightly sticky texture that still retains the original taste, flavor, and shape even when you reheat it. Perfect for making sushi, it can also be made into fried rice or paired with other dishes.

Kokuho Medium-Grain Sushi Rice

Kokuho Medium-Grain Sushi Rice is one of the best sushi rice brands that needs very little cook time thanks to each batch’s freshness. You only need to put this in your Japanese rice cooker for 15 minutes to get a perfect bowl of steamed Japanese rice.

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Rice

While it is considered one of the best Japanese rice brands, Lundberg Family Farm’s rice is grown in the United States of America. This non-GMO and quality rice is perfect for anyone allergic to gluten but still wants to eat sushi.

It also has high protein and fiber with a slightly sweet flavor and a sticky, fluffy, and soft texture. Unlike many other short-grain rice, it doesn’t have any starchy smell.

Final Note

White and brown rice are essential parts of Japanese culture, so it’s no wonder that there are so many Japanese rice brands out there today that provide premium quality rice with different flavors and textures. 

From sticky rice to Japonica rice and more, there are more than a few Japanese rice brands for the regular consumer to choose from and discover for their favorite Japanese meals. No matter which of these Japanese rice brands you choose, we’re sure it’ll be a treat for your taste buds.