Ready-To-Go Heat and Eat Rice Pouches by Lotus Foods Now Available


Organic rice company Lotus Foods has just announced the Heat and Eat Rice Pouches, a new addition to their lineup of products. The pouches come in three variants, namely Organic White Jasmine and Forbidden Rice, Organic Brown Jasmine Rice, and Organic White Jasmine Rice.

The Organic White Jasmine and Forbidden Rice variant contains a mix of whole grain black rice and White Jasmine rice. For a whole grain option, consumers can get the Organic Brown Jasmine Rice variant. On the other hand, consumers who prefer white rice may get the Organic White Jasmine Rice variant.

Lotus Foods stated that the rice in the Heat and Eat Rice Pouches are pre-cooked and can be microwaved or warmed on the stove for eating. 

Apart from the Heat and Eat Rice Pouches, Lotus Foods also announced other products, such as the new spicy Kimchi flavor of its Rice Ramen Noodle Soup Cups lineup.

The company also unveiled that its brown and white Basmati Rice has qualified for a Regenerative Organic Certification/Silver. 

Caryl Levine, co-founder and co-CEO of Lotus Foods stated, “With today’s busy lifestyles in mind, we are expanding our portfolio with even more convenient, rice-based pantry staples. In our 25 years in business, we continue to innovate while providing healthier and delicious options for the exceptional rice produced by our network of family farmers using organic and regenerative practices.”

Lotus Foods also revealed that more products will be announced in the latter part of the year. The new Heat and Eat Rice Pouches are now available for purchase nationwide.