Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102 Review


Panasonic rice cookers and their affiliates have always provided households with durable and reliable rice cookers that give excellent results and can last you years. The Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102 is no exception to this.

Aside from its 5-cup uncooked rice capacity, the cooker can also be used to make plenty of dishes that can add more variety to your meals. Read more about this cooker here.

About the Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102


Model Name

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

Model NumberSR-DE102
Product Dimensions11.9 x 14.9 x 11 inches
Weight6.4 pounds
Capacity5 Cups
Product AccessoriesMeasuring cup
Rice paddle

The Panasonic SR-DE102 features a simple design with a touch menu and LCD located at the front of the cooker. It also has a handle you can use to transport the unit from place to place. With its 5 cups capacity and preprogrammed functions, the unit is an ideal kitchen appliance to have for medium-sized families.

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102 Benefits

Fuzzy Logic Technology

The Microcomputer Fuzzy Logic controlled power of this rice cooker makes adjustments based on how much rice is being cooked for more accurate cooking and consistent results.

Versatile Use

At the touch of a button, you may enjoy your favorite rice and prepare your favorite recipes like oatmeal, soups, stews, and even mac and cheese with ease. The cooker has six modes, ranging from cooking brown rice to cake baking, so if you want a rice cooker that can do more than just cook rice, this cooker is for you.

Delay Timer

The unit also comes with a 13-hour delay timer, perfect for prepping meals in advance. You can add your ingredients or your rice to the cooker in the morning and you can have it ready for dinner.

Pros and Cons of the Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102

✔️ Easy to carry
✔️ Fuzzy logic technology
✔️ Customizable timer
✖️ Not ideal for larger households

What People Are Saying About It

The Panasonic SR-DE102 is the ideal multifunctional rice cooker that consistently cooks perfect rice due to its fuzzy logic technology. Its delay timer is an added plus for those who barely have time to prepare meals.

“Need a cooker you can preset? You can set the Panasonic SR-DE102 up to 13 hours in advance — then automatically keep your rice warm for 12 hours after that. The cooker also has 6 settings, from steam to brown rice to cake baking, so if you want a rice cooker that’ll do a lot more than cook rice, this Panasonic’s the cheapest on the market I’d recommend.”


Where to Buy the Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102

With how many rice cookers there are in the market, you are well within your rights as a consumer to get the best one possible for your household. While not the most high-end, the Panasonic SR-DE102 gets the job done without much fuss on your part. To get this unit, you can head out to Amazon and find the best deals and prices available.

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Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker SR-DE102

The Fuzzy logic technology in the Panasonic SR-DE102 ensures consistently flawless rice cooking, making it an ideal multipurpose rice cooker. It features six settings that let you cook anything from brown rice to oatmeal, soups, stews, cakes, mac and cheese, and more, all with the touch of a button.

For those who hardly have time to prepare meals, its delay timer is a bonus. Medium-sized households will love to own this Panasonic appliance in their kitchen.