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Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer 4722 Review


Often, households only need medium-sized rice cookers to meet their needs. After all, a rice cooker that’s too large could result in too much leftover rice. That’s where 6-cup rice cookers come in. They can serve a family of 3 with enough for a second batch.

When it comes to the 6-cup rice cooker category, the Oster 4722 is ideal for those on a modest budget. But that doesn’t mean this rice cooker doesn’t offer unique features. In this Oster 6-cup rice cooker review, we take a look at the unit’s straightforward controls and convenient design.

How Do You Use an Oster Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers have simplified the process of cooking rice, reducing the need for constant monitoring that stovetop cooking requires. An Oster rice cooker takes it a step further. Your average Oster links the best of both worlds, being both easy to operate and functional. 

How Do I Use the Oster Rice Cooker Switch?

Using an Oster rice cooker requires only a single flick, which will put the device in “cook” mode. 

How Do You Cook Rice in an Oster Cooker?

Cooking in a one-touch Oster rice cooker is simple and fuss-free. Everything you need is included in the package, which comes with accessories like the measuring cup and rice spatula so you can correctly assess the ratio of rice to water. You don’t need a lengthy instruction manual to cook rice. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, rinse the rice. Put your grains in the inner pot of the rice cooker or a dedicated rice washer. Add water until the grains are fully submerged. Then, take two handfuls of grains and rub them together to get rid of the starch.
  2. The water should now turn cloudy or murky. Drain it, making sure not to spill any rice grains from the inner pot. Repeat the rinsing step until your water is clean. This means your rice is ready to be cooked!
  3. Using a measuring cup, add the appropriate amounts of water into your inner pot. The ratio should depend on how many cups of rice you need. Here’s a quick guide:
  • Long grain white rice (Basmati rice/Jasmine) – 1 cup of rice = 1 ¾  to 2 cups of water
  • Medium grain white rice – 1 cup of rice = 1.5 cups of water

4. Now that you’ve figured out how many cups of water to add, put your inner pot into the main body. Plug in your rice cooker and flick the switch. The light should go from Warm to Cook.

5. Cover your inner pot with a tempered glass lid. Now, all you have to do is wait for around 30 minutes. When the rice is finished cooking, the indicator light will automatically switch from Cook Mode to Keep Warm Mode. Once you’re done warming your rice, simply unplug the device.

How Do You Cook Brown Rice in an Oster Rice Cooker?

One hidden magic trick that standard cookers have is the ability to create rice of almost any variety. Brown rice, jasmine rice, black rice, you name it. But brown rice is often tricky to perfect, being a whole grain with side hulls. 

Many who attempt it end up with something that is either too mushy or too dry. Findings also show that cooking it incorrectly can result in the loss of all the nutrients and antioxidants found within the grain.

When cooked correctly, you should be able to get a fluffy grain with a delicious taste. Don’t give up on it just yet! Here’s how to make foolproof brown rice in your Oster rice cooker:

  1. Soak the rice for around 20 minutes to 40 minutes so it becomes softer. Make sure your rice is fully submerged in the inner pot. Rinse the rice.
  2. The ratio is simple. For every cup of rice, add 2 cups of water. Use your measuring cup for accuracy.
  3. Place your inner pot into the main body of the rice cooker and plug it in. Cover it with the tempered glass lid then press the button down to cook.
  4. Once your rice is done, the Oster will automatically return to the keep warm feature. When you’re done warming your rice, unplug the cooker.

How Do You Use an Oster Steamer?

You’ve probably noticed that Oster rice cookers often come with a detachable steamer tray. Steaming food has a host of nutritional benefits. For example, vegetables steamed such as broccoli and carrots are more likely to retain the vitamins C and b-vitamin folate, which are damaged by direct heat from traditional cooking or simply thrown into the sink along with the cooking water when boiled.

But that’s not the only great thing about steaming. Apart from locking in nutrients, it’s great for delicate foods, makes veggies taste better, and is overall time and labor-saving. It’s especially easier when the steam tray is part of your Oster rice cooker. Here’s how to use it:

  1. If you’re not cooking rice, simply place around 2 to 3 cups of water in the inner pot then place it inside the body. You may also steam food while you’re cooking rice below. Instead of the lid, place the tray on top.
  2. Put your food on top of the tray. Cover it with the glass lid.
  3. Press the button to start cooking like you normally would with just rice. The steam from within the pot will rise into the tray above and steam your food of choice.

How Do You Steam Vegetables in an Oster Rice Cooker?

If you plan to steam your vegetables alone without rice cooking below, then simply follow the above instructions. However, if you’re cooking rice during the process, it’s best to add the vegetables into the steam tray halfway through the cycle, which is about 15 minutes in. This is because vegetables take around 15 minutes to become fully steamed through, as opposed to rice which takes 35 minutes to fully cook.

How Do You Steam Broccoli in an Oster Rice Cooker?

  1. Slice broccoli florets then place them on the rack.
  2. Add about ⅓ cup of water into the inner bowl, then place the steamer tray on top. Press the button to start.
  3. If you’re steaming while cooking rice, only add the tray for around 20 minutes into the cycle for best results.

About the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker 4722

productOster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer

Model Name6-Cup Rice Cooker
Model Number004722-000-000
Dimensions9.2 x 10.2 x 9.5 in
23.4 x 25.9 x 24.13 cm
Weight3.44 lb
1.56 kg
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)3 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice)6 cups
Power350 W
Power Supply CordNon-detached
28 in
71.1 cm
Product AccessoriesSteaming tray
Measuring cup

The Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer 4722 functions well if you want to prepare rice with a few side dishes. This 4.5-star unit is great for small families or for the budget-conscious single on the search for a reliable rice cooker with high value and quality. 

The 1-liter attached steamer allows you to cook healthy side dishes, leaving plenty of room for veggies and fish, or any other protein of your choosing. Its non-stick coating on the inner bowl also allows for easy cleanup afterwards. But let’s take a look at its performance and features to see if it’s the right rice cooker for you and your family.

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker 4722 Benefits

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Compact and lightweight in design, the simple yet efficient Oster 4722 is capable of making an entire meal with rice as the starch.

It can prepare up to 6 cups of cooked rice, making it perfect for couples and smaller households. Reviews pretty much agree that after testing and comparison, this is one of the appliances that is easily operable. 

The rice cooker speaks for itself, but let’s have a look at the rest of the features that have deemed it a quality consumer favorite.

Food Steaming Function

The Oster design is minimalist, but all the more convenient because of it. The attached steaming tray allows you to create healthy pairings for your beautiful, fluffy rice, whether it be dumplings, chicken and vegetables, or a whole steamed fish.

Automatic Keep Warm & Shut Off Setting

This rice cooker has a one-touch menu function. All you have to do is simply press the button down, and let the Oster 4722 work its magic. The button will automatically lift up when cooking is done, and flash an indicator light that it is in its “Keep Warm” setting. 

Another great feature is its Automatic Shut Off setting which, as the name suggests, shuts off the unit after a predetermined set time. This prevents rice from burning at the bottom.

Keep in mind that if your Oster starts to burn the rice at the bottom, it might be a faulty unit. The pot should also have a non-stick coating and be dishwasher safe. Upon testing, we didn’t have any trouble cleaning it up. Its accessories are likewise dishwasher-safe.

Tempered Glass Lid

A clear lid is always helpful when checking the progress of your food. That way, you can easily and frequently keep an eye on it in case something goes wrong, or you can even add more ingredients if you’re making a rice dish of sorts, such as jambalaya, or perhaps even a biryani. 

Great for Small Families

A family of 3 is sure to get the most use out of this 6-cup capacity rice cooker. Consumers might not know the right rice cooker size for their needs. This can result in badly cooked rice, as cooking a little amount in a too-large pot is not ideal.

But the search is over for those of you who have a small or medium-sized household. Now, everyone can get an ample serving or two of their favorite rice without worrying about leftovers.

Low Cost, High Value

This rice cooker may lack more advanced features, but for those on the search for appliances with high value at a low price, you can’t go wrong with it. No resources were wasted in its construction. The unit efficiently links good design with accessibility. It cooks white rice, red rice, and other grains perfectly almost every time. 

The quality is pretty good for a standard cooker in this price range. There were no bugs, no water leaking, nor any other minor issues upon testing. Anyone who cooks rice frequently could use a reliable, capable cooker such as this one. However, it’s not to say there aren’t a few problems after long use. Read below to find out what they are.

Pros and Cons of the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker 4722

✔️ Easy to use
✔️ Doubles as a food steamer
✔️ Can cook white or brown rice
✔️ Automatic keep warm
✖️ Minimal capacity
✖️ Not suitable for big families
✖️ Lack of menu settings
✖️ Lack of innovative functions and features

What People Are Saying About It

A lot of people have given this unit 4 stars in positive reviews; mainly because it’s a great rice cooker and is budget-friendly. Its compact design makes it ideal for smaller apartments or small families. 

This unit, however, does not last very long, as evidenced by fewer positive reviews. Most people start to notice problems with the “Keep Warm” function after only a few months. There have also been instances when the Automatic Shut Off function does not switch on, which in some instances has led to burnt rice. Therefore, it’s vital that users read the manual to ensure safety and longevity in operation.

Overall, we would call its performance worthy of 4 out of 5 stars, while it gets 4.5 stars for user-friendliness. If we were to rate its design, we would also give it 4 stars due to its simplicity. Its price point is a clear 4.5 stars as well. Let’s see what others have to say about this Oster number.

“You will not get a cheaper rice cooker than Oster 6 Cup Rice Cooker and it works very surprisingly fine considering its low price.”

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Where to Buy the Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker 4722

productOster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer

The Oster 6-cup rice cooker is definitely a reliable kitchen companion in terms of value, performance, quality, and capacity. Customers call it a 4.5-star device. Additionally, it ranks at the #32 Best Seller in the Rice Cookers category. Check out Amazon to find the best deals on the unit. It also comes with dishwasher-safe accessories.

Do take note that it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Thus, make sure you read the manual thoroughly to know what provisions are included in the warranty.

If you wish to explore other suitable units, read our other rice cooker reviews to find the best one for you.

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer 4722

Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer 4722

If you want to cook rice and a few side dishes, the Oster 6-cup rice cooker with a steamer works well. Small families or single people on a tight budget looking for a dependable rice cooker with outstanding value and quality would love this highly-rated appliance. Its features, including the ability to steam food, an automated keep warm and shut-off setting, a tempered glass top, and a nonstick coating have made it a popular favorite for quality products.