Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543 Review


Cooking can be such a hassle sometimes, especially when you have a ton of things to juggle. Sometimes, all you want is a device that can do everything for you. Well, you’re in luck because the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543 is one appliance that can make it easier for you in the kitchen. Check out its features below!

About the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543

ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Model NameHamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543
Model Number37543
ColorGray and Black
Product Dimensions10.59 x 11.3 x 11.42 inches
Weight5.95 pounds
Capacity4 to 20 cups capacity
Product AccessoriesRice spatula, rice measuring cup, steamer basket/rinser

We’re past the days of rice cookers only cooking rice and nothing more. Recent rice cookers are now equipped with a host of features that can rival other appliances in the kitchen. The Hamilton Beach 37543 may not have many embellishments in its design but this rice cooker is highly capable and dependable. Don’t believe us? Read on to know its highlights!

Benefits of Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543

Hamilton Beach has been in the home appliance industry for over a hundred years, providing affordable and quality devices to many homes. With years of experience under its belt, Hamilton Beach has equipped the 37543 with only the most useful features. Check them out!

Six Preprogrammed Settings

The Hamilton Beach 37543 has six different settings that take the guesswork out of cooking. You can choose from White Rice, Quick Rice, Whole Grain, Heat/Simmer, Steam Cook, and Hot Cereals. All you need to do is place your ingredients in the nonstick inner pot, turn it on, select the appropriate setting, and let everything cook to perfection.

One-Pot Cooker

One-pot recipes appeal to many people because they’re easy to do and don’t require washing a ton of pans and utensils. If you’re fond of one-pot cooking, then the Hamilton Beach 37543 is one that you should consider because this appliance allows you to make meals in one cooking cycle. You can steam vegetables, seafood, or poultry in the included steam basket while the rice cooks under. You can also use the Heat/Simmer setting to make your own soups, stews, beans, or flavored pasta.

Warm Meals Anytime

Nothing beats coming home to a warm bowl of rice or a steaming hot meal after a long day. The Delay Start feature of the 37543 Rice Cooker lets you program up to 11 hours in advance. This means that the cooker will only start cooking at the time you specified, and you’ll have a nice meal waiting for you once you get home. This rice cooker also has a Keep Warm setting that ensures your dish stays at the right temperature until you’re ready to serve it.

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543

✔️ Large capacity
✔️ Multiple preprogrammed settings
✔️ Can cook rice, steam food, make soups, beans, pasta
✔️ Has a Delay Start function
✔️ Comes with a Keep Warm feature
✔️ Includes a steam basket that doubles as a rice rinser
✖️ Can be too large for some households

What People Are Saying About It

Hamilton Beach rice cookers may not be as fancy as other rice cookers in the market but their simplicity, affordability, and straightforward use make them highly attractive. To convince you further, here’s a testimonial to support just how dependable the Hamilton Beach 37543 is:

“If you are only using your Hamilton Beach rice cooker to prepare rice in, you are missing out. I use mine like a slow cooker and steamer. Don’t get me wrong, it makes perfect, fluffy rice like a dream. But it also is great for simmering soups and chili.”


Where to Buy the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543

Shopping for the Hamilton Beach 37543 is as easy as 1-2-3, and you won’t even need to step out of your house to acquire it! Hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker 37543

Making rice and other meals just became even more convenient with the Hamilton Beach 37543. With a 4 to 20-cup cooked rice capacity, this large cooker can feed your entire household in one go!

Aside from cooking rice, the 37543 can also be your favorite one-pot wonder! It comes with a steam basket (that also doubles as a rice rinser) that allows you to steam vegetables, seafood, or poultry while the rice cooks below. You can also use this cooker to make soups, stews, and pasta for hearty dinners with the family.