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Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800 Review


Eating healthy can be difficult in this day and age, as cooking can take up too much of your time — which is something you don’t have plenty of. Having a rice cooker in your kitchen makes it easy to still enjoy warm meals, but you don’t particularly need one with all the whistles and blows of high-end rice cookers. However, you also don’t want any conventional rice cooker, since you’re planning on cooking side dishes with it too.

If you want a cooker that lets you cook rice and side dishes with ease, then you might want to check out the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800. With its stainless steel and chrome-plated build, the unit boasts a simple lever mechanism and other features that can make cooking less of a tiring chore.

About the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800


Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

Model Name8-Cup Rice Cooker
Model Number


Color Silver
Dimensions12.2 x 11.3 x 11.1 inches
Weight8.5 pounds
Capacity 8 cups
Accessories Rice Paddle
Rice Measuring Cup
Steaming Pot

In terms of appearance, the CRC-800 features a brushed steel exterior with a blocky yet streamlined design. It will fit perfectly in any modern kitchen beside your trusty rice dispenser. Its 8-cup capacity makes it ideal for both a small household that likes to invite friends over and for medium-sized households that love to eat rice.

Benefits of the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800


Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

Aside from its modern aesthetic and its ideal capacity, the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800 boasts other features that can help ease your burden regarding kitchen work.

Simple Use

The CRC-800 comes with a simple power lever that automatically switches to keep warm function once the rice is done. To cook your rice or grains, simply follow the guide that came with the cooker regarding the type of rice you’re cooking, add the inner pot to the cooker, click on the power lever, and leave it to cook. These simple steps give you the freedom to prepare other dishes or to relax and bond with your family instead of toiling in the kitchen.

The retractable power cord also adds to the convenience of this unit. Once you’re done using the cooker, you can hide the cord back in its compartment instead of leaving it on the counter, preventing children from pulling on it and causing an accident. The unit also comes with an instruction/recipe book, detailing all you need to learn about your cooker and has different recipes you can create using your rice cooker. 

Steaming Pot

Unlike most rice cookers, the CRC-800 came equipped with a steaming pot instead of the usual tray. This gives you more room to steam your favorite side dishes like fish, eggs, or vegetables. If you like eating healthy meals and steaming food is your usual go-to cooking method, then this is definitely a feature you’d love.

You can either steam your dishes by boiling water in the inner pot or by cooking it along with the rice.


While it is simple enough to use, you can definitely still make different types of delicious meals using this rice cooker. Aside from the dishes written in the unit’s recipe book, you can also cook:

Some recipes might take a bit of tweaking and experimenting as you’re still trying to get used to the unit, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, serving great meals should be easy and fuss-free.

Automatic Keep Warm Function

As stated above, the CRC-800 automatically switches to the keep-warm function once your rice is cooked, preventing it from burning. If you have a habit of leaving the kitchen as you’re cooking and forgetting you left something on the stove, this feature can help you make perfect, unburnt meals.

You can leave the rice in the keep-warm setting for hours, which is ideal if you don’t eat rice straight off once it’s cooked. This function lets you enjoy your rice at its optimum serving capacity throughout the day.

Pros and Cons of the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

✔️ Simple power lever
✔️ Retractable cord
✔️ Keep warm function
✔️ Stainless steel steaming pot
✖️ Not portable
✖️ Slightly expensive

What People Are Saying About It

The easy-to-use mechanism of CRC-800, along with its stainless steel steaming pot and automatic keep-warm setting, gives users the option to leave the kitchen as they please, giving them more time to spend with family. The nonstick coating of the inner pot, the tempered glass lid, and the exterior of the unit are a breeze to clean as well.

“This is the second Cuisinart CRC-800 8-Cup Rice Cooker I’ve owned. I use it regularly for so much more than cooking just rice or quinoa (which is does wonderfully). I use the basket for steaming eggs (which is actually, in my opinion, the best way to make hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs), steaming vegetables, and cooking fish. It is a handy compliment to the kitchen. It’s also easy to clean. The pot needs to be hand washed, but the basket and lid, I just throw in the dishwasher. The base just gets wiped with a cloth.”


Where to Buy the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800


Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

Thinking of adding the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800 to your kitchen? Check out Amazon for the best prices and deals!

Looking for something more digitalized? Read our rice cooker guides and reviews to see which rice cooker is for you. We recommend the Hamilton Beach 8-cup rice cooker for a more functional option.

Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800

A reliable right-hand in the kitchen, the Cuisinart 8 Cup Rice Cooker CRC-800 is incredibly easy to use. With just a push of a button, you can also cook a variety of dishes and sweets, and it has plenty of space thanks to its steaming pot.

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