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Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker Review


If you’re a busy person, chances are you barely have time to whip yourself or your household a nice warm meal. Is takeout and instant dishes a common fare at the dining table and do you want to change the family diet into something more healthy? Getting a rice cooker might be the best move.

To start your culinary journey, getting the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker might be the ideal choice. Simple yet packed with efficient functions, this unit is worth a try. Aside from cooking perfect rice, this unit can cook other grains and dishes excellently. Since it’s mostly hands-off, you don’t have to do much work to get those delicious meals you’ve wanted to try.

Read more about this rice cooker below.

About the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker


Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker

Model Name 
Model Number


ColorPink Lilac
Dimensions15.94 x 11.85 x 11.42 inches
Weight12.35 lb pounds
Capacity  6 cups (uncooked)
12 cups (cooked)
Accessories Measuring Cup
Rice Scoop
Steam Plate

The 6-cup capacity of this cooker makes it ideal for small to medium households or for busy individuals who live alone but frequently have friends over. With its cubic design and delicate flower detailing, the CRP-J0610F can spice up any plain kitchen.

Benefits of the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker


Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker

The Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker offers several additional features that offer an efficient and fuss-free cooking experience. This unit is an ideal kitchen addition owing to its:

User-Friendly Interface

The CRP-J0610F is pretty much straightforward to use, which is ideal if you’re new to using rice cookers. Its LCD makes it easier to see the functions you’ve clicked and shows a timer to let you know how long you’ll need to cook the rice without having to open the lid.

Speaking of its timer, you can preset the cooking time of your unit. You can wash the rice in the evening before you go to bed and wake up to freshly-cooked rice in the morning. This is particularly ideal when you’re super busy and need to leave the house early.

9 Menu Functions

Aside from white rice, the CRP-J0610F has 9 menu functions that allow it to cook other types of rice and rice dishes. These functions are:

The CRP-J0610F is also very versatile. You can cook non-rice dishes like soups, stews, fried rice, and even desserts like cakes.

Durable Inner Pot

The aluminum inner pot of this unit conducts heat faster, which makes it more efficient at cooking rice. Its non-stick coating prevents rice from sticking at the bottom, allowing you to scoop out the rice without having to scrape the entire pot. This also helps make clean-up easier. 

Safety Features

The CRP-J0610F is packed with 12 safety features that can lengthen your cooker’s lifespan, prevent accidents, and ensure continued high-quality cooking for years to come. Some of these features include:

  • Automatic Steam Emission Device
  • Magnetic Safety Sensor
  • Auto Temperature Controlling Device
  • Non-Revertible Safety Device
  • Lid Locking Device
  • Secondary Pressure Release Device
  • Circuit Board Fuse
  • Sensor for 3-Dimensional Warning
  • Malfunction Indicator
  • Pressure Control Device

Pros and Cons of the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker

✔️ 9 Menu Options
✔️ Safety Features
✔️ LCD with easy-to-read button controls
✖️ Not fit for large families
✖️ Voice navigation is only in Korean

What People Are Saying About It

The functionality, efficiency, and safety features of the CRP-J0610F provide users with a fuss-free cooking experience with minimal interventions. Its easy-to-read menu options and its LCD makes it easier for new users to navigate.

“Very good product. If you eat rice every day, this is the one you want to buy!


Where to Buy the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker


Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker

Want to ease your kitchen worries with Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker? Head on to Amazon to get the best deals and prices!

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Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker

With 9 menu functions and a user-friendly interface, the Cuckoo CRP-J0610F Rice Cooker is perfect for beginners and busy home cooks. This rice cooker has a durable inner pot, and it also comes with 12 safety features that guarantee a long life span.



The CRP-J0610F offers almost all the functions of a high-end rice cooker without being too complicated. Ideal for small families or busy individuals, this rice cooker is worth the try.

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