Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker Review


If you eat rice multiple times a week, you know that it’s no easy feat to cook rice in a pot on the stove every time. You have to keep track of your rice, stir it occasionally, let it simmer, steam, and all that. It sounds simple – but making rice on the stove is actually a phenomenal task, and the final result can be different every single time.

If you want to cook rice perfectly without putting much effort, what you need to have in your arsenal is a rice cooker. One of the best rice cooker brands in the market today is Cuchen. Hailing from South Korea, Cuchen’s rice cookers are starting to gain recognition all over the world thanks to how modern and innovative they are. Among Cuchen’s line of rice cookers is the CJR-PM0610RHW which has an incredibly unique design and comes with a host of features that are worth the spot on your countertop.

About the Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker

Model NameCuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker
Model NumberCJR-PM0610RHW
Product Dimensions361 x 260 x 270mm
Weight15 pounds
Capacity6 cups
Product AccessoriesMeasuring cup, rice scoop, manual booklet with recipes

Cuchen always goes above and beyond when it comes to the designs of their rice cookers, and the CJR-PM0610RHW is no exception. The CJR-PM0610RHW has a minimal, metallic surface that can easily fit on your kitchen countertop. While it has a simple design, its sleek rounded corners make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The CJR-PM0610RHW isn’t just all looks though, it also boasts features that will give you the best rice-cooking experience.

Benefits of Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are incredible appliances because not only can they cook rice, but they can also do numerous things! Check out the highlights of the CJR-PM0610RHW:

Cuchen’s First-Ever Square Rice Cooker

The CJR-PM0610RHW is Cuchen’s first-ever rice cooker with a square design. Its surface is metallic, giving it a very sophisticated look. Its minimal structure is also very easy to clean. The front of the rice cooker houses the smart OLED dial display where you can select your preferred rice cooking preset or choose from the numerous cooking presets to make various recipes.

Smart IR Sensor Technology

For the best rice taste, the CJR-PM0610RHW is equipped with a Smart IR Sensor Technology that can fine-tune the temperature and firepower. This technology promotes even heating, minimizing the temperature difference between the central sensor area and the rest.

9 Rice Cooking Presets

White rice is the most commonly cooked type of rice but the CJR-PM0610RHW can cook more than that. With its rice cooking presets, you can make regular white rice, sticky white rice, brown rice, multi-grain rice, cast-iron pot rice, frozen rice, speedy-cook white rice, and speedy-cook multi-grain rice. You’ll never run out of rice options with this one.

Other Cooking Presets

Aside from rice, the CJR-PM0610RHW is also capable of cooking other food. With this device, you can make stews, soups, porridge, baked dishes, or even tea. There’s an included dish list and recipes in the box when you purchase the CJR-PM0610RHW.

Voice Notification

Not all rice cookers out there have voice notification settings. The CJR-PM0610RHW is equipped with voice navigation in three languages: Korean, English, and Chinese. You can set your rice to cook, forget it, and your cooker will talk out loud to let you know once your rice is done cooking.

Pros and Cons of the Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker

✔️ Ideal for small households
✔️ Smart IR Sensor Technology
✔️ Square-shaped design with metallic black body
✔️ Voice notifications in Korean, English, Chinese
✔️ 9 rice cooking presets
✖️ Expensive

What People Are Saying About It

Cooking rice doesn’t have to be a pain, especially if you have to do it several times in a week. A rice cooker like the Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW can make your rice cooking experience less of a hassle, allowing you to enjoy a warm bowl of rice every single time.

“The Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW is a state-of-the-art rice cooker that promises to deliver perfectly cooked rice every time. The cooker has a 6-cup capacity, making it ideal for small to medium-sized households. Its sleek and modern design will complement any kitchen decor. Whether you’re cooking white rice, brown rice, or even steaming buns, this rice cooker has got you covered.”

Ethan H. – Storables

Where to Buy the Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker

With a unique design and several interesting features, the Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW is quickly becoming one of the favorites in the market. To get this rice cooker, simply hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

Cuchen CJR-PM0610RHW Rice Cooker

Cuchen’s CJR-PM0610RHW is a rice cooker that’s worthy of a spot in anyone’s household. It is the brand’s first-ever square-shaped cooker with a metallic body, elevating any kitchen counter from simple to elegant.

The CJR-PM0610RHW isn’t just known for its looks but it’s also garnering praise for its features. It has a Smart IR Sensor Technology that promotes even heating, ensuring your rice is always perfect and delicious.

The cooker also has 9 rice cooking presets and is also capable of cooking other dishes. Furthermore, it has voice notifications in three languages, giving you a kitchen companion that’s easy to befriend and understand.