4,000 Rice Containers Stranded at Dry Ports in Ludhiana


More than 4,000 containers exporting basmati rice and other perishable goods were found to be stranded at dry ports across the Punjab state of India.

This poses a challenge to India’s rice exporters, as the delay may prove detrimental to their relationship with foreign clients.

Time is of the essence, and if the products aren’t delivered on time, the rice exporters risk securing more orders for rice.

“Farmers will be the ultimate sufferers if the containers remain stranded,” says Jalandhar exporter Viney Gupta.

Gupta runs an export house that is government-recognized.

He also strongly urges the Indian government to “declare rice an essential commodity and save both farmers and exporters.”

This delay is just another blow to exporters that have already been suffering since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

However, many exporters believe that they’re not the only ones who will suffer with this delay, as they expect this impact to reach further into the rice supply chain.

There are 10 total dry ports in the Punjab state and eight are in the city of Ludhiana.

With the price of basmati rice already going down, the exporters are becoming more vocal about the need for government intervention.

“We want the Punjab Government to intervene to resolve the issue and facilitate immediate movement of containers,” protests Gupta.