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Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 Review


A whole host of appliances out there are mostly meant for families no matter what the size. When it comes to rice cookers, there’s only several of these machines catered to those living alone, or two-people parties. Thankfully, more and more of these options have come up recently.

Welcome the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303. It’s a small but mighty no-frills cooker that suits those who are single, living with a partner, or have very limited space. Read on to know more about it!

About the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 Rice Cooker

ManufacturerBlack + Decker
Model Name

3-Cup Rice Cooker

Model Number


Dimensions7 x 7.5 x 6.6 inches
Weight1.8 lbs.
Max Capacity (Uncooked Rice)1.5 cups
Max Capacity (Cooked Rice) 3 cups
Product Accessories

Measuring Cup
Serving scoop

Despite its quite small size, this cooker produces restaurant-quality rice. One push of the switch and you’ll get fluffy, warm rice perfect with your meals. Want to know more about this cooker? Check out its benefits!

Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 Benefits

Let’s dive in closer to the features of this small-scale yet impressive cooker.

Perfect for One or Two

You don’t have to worry about making too much rice anymore as the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 is ideal for just one person or two people sharing a meal together. If you live alone or live in a two-person household, the cooker’s 1.5 cups to 3 cups capacity is excellent for you. 

Additionally, the cooker’s compact size means that it can fit in any corner of your kitchen. It’s an absolute space-saver, especially if you have limited kitchen space.

Cool-Touch Handles

Your hands are safe from the heat as the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 comes with cool-touch handles. The cover’s cool-touch handle allows for easier scooping, while the side handles can be used to move the compact cooker anywhere once it’s done cooking. 

Keep Warm Setting

Don’t let this cooker’s limited functions fool you. It’s small but it’s still a rather convenient and mighty machine. Once the rice completes its cooking cycle, the cooker will automatically switch to the “Keep Warm” setting, ensuring that the rice is warm and fluffy, ready for you to eat. Additionally, this cooker can also be used to cook small side-dishes, rounding up your perfect meal. 

Pros and Cons of the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303

✔️ Fit for one or two
✔️ Compact and portable
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Cool-touch handles
✖️ No programmed or digital cooking functions
✖️ May not last long

What People Are Saying About It

Compact, convenient, capable! These are just some of the things to describe how well the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 is. Moreover, it’s one of the most budget-friendly personal cookers in the market. 

"Black + Decker is a name of the trust. It offers great value considering it has the looks and basics that you will find in a rice cooker."
The Crazy Baker

Where to Buy the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303

Making a space for the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 in your kitchen? Head on over to Amazon for the best deals so you can purchase it right away!

Considering other personal rice cooker brands and models? Maybe our guide to the best small rice cookers can help you. If you’d like to know more about rice cookers in general, read our rice cooker reviews.



If a straightforward personal cooker is something that you're in need of, then look no further for the Black + Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker RC3303 is here. Make your rice daily and without a hassle with this machine.

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Hui Yin moved from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 to the USA 🇺🇸 when she was just 8 years old. Now in her late 20's she enjoys writing and taking long walks in the park to burn off the copious amounts of rice she eats for dinner.

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